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What Should I Bullet Journal About? (18 Pages To Add)

By now you must know what a bullet journal is and what a bullet journal can do for you in the long run but I’m sure you’re curious as to what you should bullet journal about as a beginner.

There are many things to bullet journal about, some of which include gratitude and appreciation pages, scheduling work projects, keeping track of habits and certain patterns, compiling an end of the year review, or as simple as adding journal entries.

We’ll show you many creative page ideas you can journal about.

Before you know it you’ll be to be spoilt for choice!

I’m sure you might be feeling like okay I have the new bullet journal but what now what do I put in it this post will ensure that you find all ways you can use your bullet journal and what to include.

Now, this topic gets me really excited because bullet journal pages can be specially customized to fit your needs and depending on what you choose to include in your journal, you’ll be able to pick and personalize it in a way that will make sure you get the best out of bullet journaling.

If you’ve taken a look at bullet journal spreads on Instagram or even Pinterest, you might have noticed there are different things you can include in a journal but one of the most common spreads that you will see from time to time is either daily logs, weekly, and monthly spreads.

But here’s the exciting part – there are plenty of ideas you can pick from to add in your journal which will make it rich in content. Many of which we will be discussing right here

Bullet Journal Page Ideas

1. About Page

This will be one of the first few pages that you will see in your bullet journal and one of the most important pages that will show who or what your journal is about.

You can add your likes dislikes hobbies which inspires you the most. Just have fun with it!

You’ll also want to make sure you design it in a way that best reflects your personality and style.

2. To-Do List

This is one of the most common things you can bullet journal and also one of the most useful ways to keep track of things that need to be done.

There are many ways you can create one – you can keep it simple or you could use watercolors, stickers, or washi tape to make it look pretty.

The main thing about this page is that you want to keep it as simple as possible because what needs to stand out the most are all the things that need immediate attention.

3. Gratitude Log

Dedicate a page in your journal to list the things you’re grateful for. This will ensure that you are happy and satisfied in your life.

It is a simple and quick way to help you and remind you of what you should be thankful for.

A particularly great thing about gratitude pages is that if you ever of feeling in you knowing your life just look back at what makes you the most grateful and most blessed

4. Affirmation log

This is similar to a gratification log but the main focus over here is rather than listing what you have in life, you’ll be motivating yourself by using complimenting words or statements of who you are by saying things like ‘I really rock that job’ or ‘I did really well today’.

You’ll want to say good things about yourself that will help lift your spirits.

5. Goals and Future Plans

Everyone has to find a goal or plan sometime in their life. This could be big or small, it doesn’t really matter but what’s great about a bullet journal is that you can keep track of all your goals in a creative and artistic manner.

You could also use your bullet journal to plan your future and write down what you’re most excited about or what you would like to accomplish in the near future.

This will help you complete each and every goal or task while staying on a strict schedule. It will also be a helpful reminder to give you an extra push when you desperately need it.

You could easily incorporate into a one-page spread or separate them into different categories such as a weight-loss tracker spread (this could be used to set your goals while also tracking your progress and keep you moving).

Another way you could keep track of your goals is to use a full-page habit tracker spread where you will list many different things you want to keep track of and you could easily do this monthly rather than using individual pages for each of them.

6. Finances & Savings Page

Do you ever find it difficult to keep track of your finances? Maybe you’re struggling to save a few bucks here and there or you really want to save up for a particular item that you need to buy at the end of the year?

If you include his savings plan or financial log in your bullet journal, this will encourage you to make sure that you stay on track by saving more money or just to know where your money is going every single month.

You’ll be able to single out where and how your money is being spent and observe which areas you can improve on

7. Cleaning Schedule

We all have to clean during a certain point and I know many people str quite busy in their life but it needs to be done no matter how much you hate it.

Having a cleaning spread in your bullet journal will help you organize yourself better and make sure every inch of the home gets cleaned.

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You’ll be able to manage your home efficiently!

If you plan to create a cleaning schedule you can do this by a monthly spread or a daily chores spread to help you keep track and check things off the list.

9. Organizing and Decluttering

Do you need to get rid of old clothes and all things that you no longer use? Well, why not create a bullet journal page about this?

You could easily design a decluttering chart that lists the things that you need and the things that you will need.

10. Mood Trackers

Mood trackers are super popular on Instagram and there are many different designs you can look to get some inspiration.

The reason why mood trackers will be a great addition to your bullet journal, you’ll be able to pick up on certain trends and patterns, including particular things that make you upset in the future.

It will help improve your moods and overall mental health

Also they extremely easy to do (depending on the type of design you choose) and track especially if you just want to be more active with your bullet journal daily.

It’s a simple and easy task that ensures you at least get to bullet journal once a day and this will, of course, reduce your guilt for not bullet journaling enough as much as you want to.

11. Sleep Trackers

Bullet Journal sleep trackers are pretty much similar to habit trackers where you’ll be keeping track of the number of hours you slept.

You could include this in your one-page layout but if you do want to have a separate sleep tracker there are a few designs you can take a look at over here but I think it would be preferred to have it in a habit tracker or as a small graph in the corner or a weekly spread.

what should i bullet journal about, bullet journal ideas, bullet journal page ideas

Idea via Instagram @ AnnaJournals

12. Reading Journal

I’m an avid reader but I’m also not a fan of Goodreads. Often when I’ve just finished a good book, I tend to forget about rating it or just keeping track of the books I’ve read for the month.

Check out this awesome guide to creating a reading journal or including reading trackers in your current bullet journal!

This eventually can be problematic when you find a book after a few months later or years and realize that you’ve already read it!

Having a small page dedicated to the books you would like to read or to just note down all the books that you’ve read will also encourage you to increase your reading and crush those reading goals for the year.

13. Diary Entries

We’ve spoken about this before and yes, a bullet journal can be used as a diary however you don’t have to turn your bullet journal completely into a diary.

Having a few paragraphs here and there of what you did for the day or week could really improve your bullet journal.

It will make it rich in content and a great way to flesh out your story for the year.

If you want to just leave a few phrases of what’s been going on once in a blue moon, you can do this with your bullet journal.

14. Schedule work and school projects

If you need to keep track and plan out work or class projects, then all you have to do is dedicate a few pages of your bullet journal for this.

You can prepare well in advance for projects so that you’re way ahead of schedule.

You can also set certain goals to help you make sure that your work gets done on time while also keeping its quality.

15. End of the year page

This could be a page at the very beginning of your bullet journal where you list the things that you want to be or all the things that you would like to do for that year.

It will help give you an idea of what you’d like to do or how you would have gone about doing so or how you want to accomplish new things say, for instance, traveling to a new place.

When you look back at the end of the year you’ll either feel very proud that you managed to complete the things that you said you would and this would lead to a further boost of confidence.

16. Achievements

It’s always a good idea to remind yourself of all your accomplishments so far in the year.

It’s quite common when you’re feeling down and low during hard times like when you hadn’t done your best on a particular task, then it’s great to look back at things which you’ve actually succeeded at.

This will help yank you out of a slump or burnout but most importantly encourage you to keep moving forward

17. Brain dump

We always need a certain place in our journal to let our thoughts free and to simply cleanse our minds to get rid of all thoughts that are bringing us down.

If you came across a few brain dumps before, you’ll know that these can be actually very simple and therapeutic in the long run.

A brain dump can be done either daily, monthly, or even in a few weeks, whenever you feel like your mind just is getting too much for you.

The great thing about brain dumps, they will help organize your thoughts and make you feel better and lighter, sort of like a load that has been lifted.

The key thing to remember with a brain dump is that in order for it to be successful you will need to just let your thoughts flow on paper and do not put too much thought or critical analysis in what you are writing.

There is no need to judge yourself – just be honest and let your mind have a complete mental detox.

18. Random Doodles

When you feel stressed or if your mind is just bothered and you need a time out from your own thoughts, grab your bullet journal and start drooling or drawing for a few minutes.

When you practice this often, you’ll soon discover that you feel calmer and your stress levels are lower.

You’ll start feeling better while creating a beautiful spread filled with amazing doodles for your journal.

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