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Best Washi Tape Ideas And Spreads For Your Bullet Journal

Finding new ways to decorate your bullet journal pages is always an exciting experience but at some point, you will start to feel a little bored just decorating with pens. This is why using washi tapes in your journal will become your number 1 favorite way to decorate bullet journal spreads.

They’re convenient to use and quite cheap. You can easily pick up cute washi tapes in different colors and patterns that can be used to match any color-coordinated theme.

These washi tapes can be used in place of drawing and decorating if you don’t have enough time on hand.

Simply stick a piece of washi tape around the corners of the page and you have a beautiful spread with a fancy border.

There are many other ways to use washi tapes in your journal and these include:

  • Washi tapes can be used to cover up mistakes
  • It can be used to mark certain pages as sticky tabs
  • Can be used for habit and mood tracker
  • You can use it as sticky notes
  • Personalize bullet journal cover
  • Can be used to stick pictures and decorate headings or titles

I’m sure you can tell how much I love using washi tapes but here are a few washi tape ideas and spreads that use washi tape and how you can make use of it to make your bullet journal more interesting:

Best Washi Tape Ideas You’ll Use

Weekly Spread Using Washi Tape By Selenenen

washi tape spreads

You can make any page or spread look outstanding simply by using a selected few washi tapes that match your spread like shown in this one.

You can keep them simple or you can use a variety of different tapes to make the page stand out. It’s totally up to you.

Make Certain Pages Interesting

Hate having blank pages in your journal? Maybe you missed a few pages here and there?

Then you can easily create a beautiful spread by using different washi tapes to create a cohesive pattern.

So, when you do flip through your bullet journal later on, you’ll love to see the creative pieces you made rather than seeing blank pages.

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You could also use these stickers to fill up blank spots on the page that are a bit too obvious for your liking.

These could be certain gabs between the headings or just general places that look to blank.

Washi Tape Collection Swatch


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As I mentioned before. you can mix things up and keep your bullet journal interesting by including spreads like this one.

Over here, you can display your collection of washi tapes by cutting a piece of them and sticking it here. This will also be helpful when choosing in the future and this spread can be used as a reference.

Use It As Make Shift Stickers

Sad that you don’t have pretty stickers? Then reuse your washi tape as one.

You can either use a cutter tool to create the shape that you want or just wing it with a pair of scissors. Either way, patterned washi tapes are great for this purpose.

Monthly Favorites Spread

Washi tapes don’t need to be used in the entire spread but you can simply use a small piece to place it somewhere on the page. This makes for a small yet great detail in the overall look.

Cover Up Mistakes

I’m constantly making mistakes in my bullet journal and they drive me nuts. But will just a small piece of tape, it’s like the mistake was never there.

That’s what I love the most about using washi tape in your journal. It doesn’t make it too obvious but becomes more of a creative choice rather.

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Washi Tape Can Be Used To Stick Pictures


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A spread with a lot of pictures can be enhanced with the use of washi tapes.

You can easily stick the pictures by using the tape and if you color-coordinate it with the pictures as done here, it will definitely be pleasing to the eye and makes the spread even more fun.

Make Your Titles/Headings Stand Out

washi tape ideas for bullet journal

Idea via sigridspiration

Washi tapes can instantly make something look attractive and by using them to enhance the way your titles and headings look, you will be quite pleased with the end result.

Glitter washi tapes that are in colors of gold and silver are especially great ways to make the title eye-catching.


If you tend to use your bullet journal to schedule and handle your life, then you’re going to need a well-organized system to do so.

Washi tapes can be used as dividers to mark certain pages that need quick attention and it can also be used to color-code.

Alternatively, you could wrap an entire piece of washi tape at the edge of the page and this will make your bullet journal look colorful and fun.

Can Be Used As A Sticky Note

If you have run out of sticky notes, just grab a piece of paper and use the washi tape to stick the note in. This can really make your spread look unintentionally cuter!

You can also use the tape to stick in favorite quotes or mementos that you have.


If washi tapes weren’t on your radar before, once you do get a chance to start using them in your bullet journal, you’re sure to fall head over heels for them.

The most fantastic part about them is that you can often find them in packs or you can choose custom-designed ones depending on what you would like to include.

It’s definitely an easy way to decorate your bullet journal and the best alternative to doodling and other ways of adding decorations but if you include all of this, it’s quite easy to create good looking spreads really fast.

So, what are your thoughts on these washi tape ideas for your bullet journal? Are you planning to use them soon? Let us know what you think below.

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