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Travel Bullet Journal Ideas: 14 Spreads For A Memorable Trip

If you’ve ever been interested in traveling or have a few travel plans currently, you may want to start a travel bullet journal! This will be one of the best ways to enhance your experience and truly make traveling even more memorable.

There are many things you can do with a travel journal some of which include having detailed travel plans, packing lists, wish lists, bucket lists, favorite places you’d like to visit, and an account of your journey.

We’ve put together everything you need to know about creating a travel journal with ideas and inspirations to make your spreads look fantastic.

What Are Travel Journals?

These are journals made up of a collection of ideas, pictures, and experiences you’ve had on a trip to specific places. It can be used to keep track of events, places, or things you need to see or prepare for a trip but it’s also a memorable guide to collect the important things dealing with your trip. 

Ways Use A Travel Journal

You might be wondering if it’s really worth starting a travel bullet journal or would like to know various ways you can actually make use of them.

Of course, there are many more ways you can use these journals but here are a few ways that might encourage you to start one:

Packing List

Packing can be really stressful when you’re planning a trip and you always want to make sure you’re not overpacking or unpacking essential items. The last thing you want to do is forget any item as well.

That’s why having a complete checklist of every item you need to take will help you become more organized. We’ve got some fantastic ideas to try below.

Places To See

Having a list of the most beautiful places you need to visit is essential if you want to have a great trip. That’s why it’s advisable to do some research and you can also use a travel journal to keep track of other places you’d like to visit in the future, even if it isn’t possible right now.

Travel Details

You can also use your travel journal to keep track of your flight details, bookings, and times so you never get things messed up. Additionally, you could also provide details regarding the trip and where you plan to go or the things you will be doing.


Look back at your trip and give an account of how you felt while traveling, things you’d learned, the cultural differences, or overall experience of your journey.

14 Travel Spread Ideas & Inspiration

Things To Do List

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If you’re going to a particular country, you’ll want to create a list of places you’d like to visit or things you would to do as done in this beautiful spread.

Here they drew the very iconic places in London which added a great touch to this spread.

You can do a similar design depending on where you’re going and add the flag of the country for extra details.

Travel Planning Guide

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Loving this beautiful and unique spread design by @berrymixbujo ???

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Planning a trip to a different place can be stressful and it’s so easy to forget things. Make sure you remember every single thing you need to do or pack with a spread such as this one.

Budget Planner

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In order to know where to go and what to do in a certain country, you’ll be going to need to be well prepared.

Here’s a simple spread that entails all the details about your trip from the flight ticket, places to go, shopping, activities, and dates.

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Essential Travel Health Kit

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Include this cute yet fun collection of a travel health kit that will be a useful reminder of what to do if you get sick for some particular reason.

We may get stressed out in a particular situation and forget what’s the correct action but having a guide such as this especially if you suffer from chronic illnesses then this will definitely be handy.

Travel List For Specific Places

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Create detailed spreads such as this one for a particular place detailed clothes you plan to take, toiletries, phones, cameras, and flight ticket details.

This will be the best place to include your most important information about an upcoming trip.

Countries You’d Like To Visit

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Having a visual bucket list or guide such as this one can truly motivate you to work harder just to make this dream of traveling to all these beautiful destinations come true.

You can either draw the places as done above or stick a picture of each place if you’re not fond of doodling.

Beautiful Travel Diary Entry

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Bring the fanciness to your bullet journal spreads with this gorgeous design that used ripped brown paper, pictures, stickers, and cursive writing to complete the look.

This would make a fantastic idea if you’re looking to keep a travel bullet journal and give an account of your adventures.

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Weekly Planner

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For a truly artistic person, this travel journal spread is true goals and you may have to bust out some serious artistic skills for this one. Look at that detail! Absolutely gorgeous.

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Artistic Travel Layout

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Bright, colorful, and fun, is there any better way to describe this one?

I think this spread pretty much conveys how much fun there was to have in China and she does a great way of expressing her excitement and joy of the trip in this spread.

Bucket List Spread

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Bucket lists are a fun and creative way if you’re looking to fill up your journal or blank spaces. Here you can include this spread to give you an idea of where to next.

Flight Information Log

If you’re looking for a more serious travel journal page without any creative or decorative details, this spread is pretty simple to do.

It has all the information you need to never feel stress or anxious over the flight, where you’ve booked, or travel plans.

Packing List

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Here’s a simple and detailed checklist needed for any trip to anywhere.

Here you’ll be including things like packing essential items and things you’ll need and you can check each item off so that you’ll never forget anything.


Keep a quick account of where you’ve been with the family and include pictures and details of the places like done in this travel spread.

Best Coffee Shops

Lover of coffee? So am I! Sometimes you find that special recipe that makes you want to order a second cup or the atmosphere was so great that you can’t wait to visit that shop again.

Use your travel journal to keep track of the best coffee shops in the city so you can always revisit them when you can.


So, what did you think of these travel bullet journal ideas? There’s definitely a few that you can make use of and you’ll find that they are really enjoyable to keep track of regularly.

Also, looking back at these travel spreads once everything has passed will fill you up with enjoyment and pleasant memories.

If you are planning to use these travel journal spreads, let us know which ones were your favorite or if you have any more tips, leave your thoughts in the comments below! 

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