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September Bullet Journal Ideas That Are Worth Using

It’s that time again for a new monthly spread and these September bullet journal ideas are here to serve. There’s so many fun and exciting ways to decorate your spreads for this september and we have a wide range of ideas to choose from.

From lemon themed spreads, beautiful flowers, to an awesome monthly overview spread, there are definitely amazing things to include from each of these.

Your bullet journal for this month is sure to impress if you try these ideas!

How To Create A September Spread

Supplies Needed

As always, the basic supplies you’ll need to create these particular spreads are your markers, fine liners, pens, highlights, and probably a few stickers for extra details. You’ll also want to grab some scrap paper from gift wrap or things that inspire you.

Choosing A Theme

For the month of September, I highly recommend that you try using a theme throughout the month.

If you’ve never done this before, it takes the guesswork out of the equation and you can really enjoy creating more spreads rather than stressing over how to make your spreads look pretty.

We have a few ideas below that you will give you an idea of what to use to make your spreads look themed.

Pages To Include

If you’re having a difficult time deciding what to include in your bullet journal or ways to make it more fun, adding a few of these pages will definitely keep you journaling throughout the month.

It’s so easy to get lost and eventually bored of journaling when all you’re keeping track of is your daily to-do list. So, here’s a few page ideas you can include for this month:

  • Gratitude Log
  • Affirmations 
  • Mood Trackers
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Daily Diary Entry
  • Goals For The Month

Designing Your Spreads

As soon as you have a good idea of what you plan to journal about, it’s time to get started.

You can begin by sketching out the spreads in pencil if you prefer or worried about messing up your spreads but just enjoy the process of journaling rather than focusing on the end result.

This will make your journaling experience more enjoyable.

September Bullet Journal Spreads

Light Bulb

September Bullet Journal Ideas, Bullet Journal Monthly Themes

Idea via Instagram

If you want to go themed for this month, try this fantastic lightbulb idea.

You can easily draw a few lightbulbs as a border on the other pages or have them hanging in keeping with this design.

Also, sticking with shades of yellow will give off that light effect.

Studio Ghibil Themed

Love to doodle? I’m honestly obsessed with doodling but after seeing this spread, it completely made the fangirl in me ecstatic.

Although this September spread consists of plenty of detail, I think it would be worth putting in the effort in recreating this gorgeous spread.

Lemon Doodles

September Spreads, September Bullet Journal Spread

Idea via Instagram

Simple, cute, and filled with adorable lemon doodles, this spread spells out September perfectly. If you’re in the mood for those summer vibes, having this monthly spread is the best way to go.

The use of different fonts is also a great touch but I highly recommend you add a few more colors to really make this spread pop.

Cherry Blossoms

You could never go wrong with florals and this cherry blossom spread is gorgeous. In fact, you could continue this as a theme for the entire month.

If you’re good at drawing or not that great, this one is simple enough to recreate.

Cover Page

This September cover page is a must have. I love how bold the colors are and the leaf details are super creative.

It also gives you that chance to make use of a fancy header with your brush pens but most importantly, the color scheme is well chosen.

Art Supplies

Show your love for the best bullet journal supplies by creating this spread filled with doodles of markers, pens, washi tape, and other craft supplies.

It will also get you in the mood for being more creative throughout the month.

Two Page Spread

September Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

Idea via Instagram

Here’s a stunning two page spread of the entire month overview. Having a spread like this is really beneficial if you need to mark down important dates and make sure you’re really for upcoming events in the month.

The doodles at the bottom of the page do make this spread stand out the most and the header immediately catches your attention. Definitely, one that you should include any time in the year!

What Do You Think?

Did these September bullet journal ideas impress you?

If so, which spread are you planning to use this month? You don’t necessarily have to use one specific page from here but try recreating a few of these instead.

That way your journal becomes more interesting but you could also try a few ideas from the previous months like these August spreads that had mind-blowing ideas.

Definitely check that out you like more object themed spreads like balloons and ice cream carts.

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