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how to draw socks step by step

How To Draw Socks (Cute And Fun Drawing Tutorial)

I’m really excited to show you this awesome drawing and I think you’re going to have loads of fun sketching this one. If you’ve never drawn socks before, you’re definitely going to enjoy doing so after this.

Here I’ve put together an easy step-by-step guide that will show you how to draw socks. To customize your drawing further, you can even choose to include your own pattern on the socks.

You’ll see in a bit that I’ve chosen to go with a simple dots pattern but you can change it to any way you want.

It’s much easier than it looks to draw socks and if you do have fun drawing this, there will be more tutorials like these soon.

For now, grab your pencils, and let’s get drawing.

Steps For Drawing Socks

Step 1

We’ll begin by drawing the top of the socks. Start by drawing two sets of rectangles with a slightly curved edge to them. Inside each of these shapes, draw a few horizontal lines across to create this pattern.

Step 2

Now the next thing you need to do is draw two sets of parallel lines going downards. It should look like this now.

Step 3

How To Draw Socks Step 3

Then you’ll want to extend the first line down by drawing a curved line as such. Do this for the second pair of socks as well.

Step 4

How To Draw Socks Step 4

Now join the top line to the other line by drawing a curved line for the front of the socks and then a straight horizontal line for the bottom of the socks. Repeat this process for the second pair as well.

Step 5

How To Draw Socks Step 5

At the front of the socks, draw a curved line and then draw another curved line facing the other direction by the heel of the socks. Do this again for the next sock.

Step 6

How To Draw Socks Step 6

Now comes the really fun part and that’s adding some kind of pattern to your socks.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve chosen to go with a simple circle pattern but you can now add whatever you like for example lines or other interesting shapes.

Step 7

How To Draw Socks Step 7

And finally, here I have included an image with the drawing filled in with color. You can go ahead and color your own drawing with shades you like.


I am absolutely pleased and excited at the way this sock drawing turned out. I really didn’t expect it to look so amazing at the end and this makes me equally excited to draw other clothing items in the future.

Did you have fun with this tutorial on how to draw socks? I sure hope you did!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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