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how to draw mittens step by step

How To Draw Mittens (Easy Step By Step Tutorial)

it’s wintertime in my part of the world right now and I’ve been digging out the mittens because I can’t handle the cold. This got me thinking that I should put together a guide on drawing mittens. And so, in today’s article, I’m going to share my steps on how to draw mittens.

Just like their appearance, mittens are fairly easy to draw.

There aren’t many curves or tricky perspective elements that need to be considered which makes this perfect for beginners.

With that being said, I think you could draw mittens that look cute and adorable within a few minutes at most. That’s how easy and simple this guide will be.

Let’s get into it, shall we?


For this tutorial, we will be using this reference image of mittens. As you can tell, we will have one jagged rectangular shape that makes up the width of your mittens. It will be a great place to start and probably the only part of this drawing that requires any effort.

Mittens Drawing Reference

Thereafter, we’ll move onto drawing the surface area that covers most of the hand or the thumb. You could begin with either and the end product will not be affected at all. Keep in mind that one glove faces down whereas the other face up. You can tell this be the positioning of the thumb as well, especially on the right mitten.

Steps For Drawing Mittens

Step 1

Step 1

Let’s begin this tutorial by drawing the fluffy like base of your mittens. This will make up the width of your entire drawing.

As you can tell, it’s very jagged and each curve is very sharp.

Think of it as drawing a cloud with 10 times the amount of rugged curves and not much variation in the thickness of the overall shape of the rectangle.

Step 2

How to draw mittens step 2

The reason why your rectangle shapes were opposite each other and spread apart is because each mitten is facing the opposite direction.

As such, you can start with different parts of the mitten. Both of these lines curve and turn around back into the rectangle.

The only difference is that the thumb is smaller in size so you’ll begin to curve your line relatively quickly.

Step 3

How to draw mittens step 3

In this image, I erased the portion of the thumb from the right mitt to illustrate what it would look like if you started with just the large portion of your mitten.

Either way, complete both sides up until this point.

Step 4

How to draw mittens step 4

Finally, connect your thumb with the rest of your mitten by drawing a line straight through. This line should be slightly curved.

Given that one mitten is the right side up while the other is not, we can see that the line for the thumb would either stop as soon as it connects with the adjoining line or it would extend beyond.

mittens drawing tutorial


That’s it! You can easily draw mittens in a few minutes by following this 4 step guide. I would definitely encourage you to color your mittens.

You can use any color you would like and decorate them with polka dots or other shapes.

With that being said, I really hope you found this article on how to draw mittens to be fun, simple and extremely easy to follow. Please head over to the comment section below and let me know if you would like me to draw something specific.

Also, be sure to check out some of my other drawing tutorials that are more detailed but just as simple to follow.

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