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how to draw lips step by step

How To Draw Lips (Easy Step By Step Tutorial)

Drawing facial features can be a challenge if you’ve barely drawn any portraits before but if you want to practice the individual features first, then a good place to start is by learning how to draw lips first.

Lips are one of the easier features of a face to draw and it mostly consists of just 3 lines that make up the lips.

If you’re looking for a simple but detailed step by step tutorial that will help you draw better lips, then you’ve stopped by the best place.

This tutorial on how to draw lips for beginners is amazing and by the end, you’re going to love how your drawing turned out.

If you have your drawing supplies ready, we can begin.

Steps For Drawing Lips

Step 1

The very first part of the lips that we will draw is that indent at the top of the lips. If you feel your own lips just below your nose, there’s a slight curve.

Draw that indent by sketching out a short curved line as such.

Step 2

Now we’ll draw the top lip. You can do this by extending either side of that curved line from step 1 and make both sides more curved at the top but then tilts down.

Step 3

How To Draw Lips Step 3

Next you’ll want to draw the middle line for the lips.

Connect the first line by drawing a second line as such. However, towards the middle, you’ll want to draw a line that curves inwards instead.

Step 4

How To Draw Lips Step 4

All that is left to do is to create the lower lip.

You can do this by drawing a curved line facing upwards like a smiley face and joins to the previous line. And your lip drawing is now finished.

Step 5

How To Draw Lips Step 5

Now it’s time to move on to coloring your drawing. Red is usually an epic color to shade lips in so grab your brightest shade of red and color it in.

And the finished product should look something like this!


So what did you think of this lip drawing? Did you have fun learning how to draw lips?

Once I added color to this drawing, I loved how it just popped out like that. It absolutely made this drawing even cuter and I do hope your drawing is pleasing for you as well.

I had fun creating this guide and you can definitely look forward to seeing more drawing tutorials on how to draw certain facial features.

If you are excited, let me know in the comments below.

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