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how to draw grapes step by step

How To Draw Grapes In Less Than 10 Easy Steps

I absolutely love eating grapes. Not only are they delicious and sweet, they look so pretty all together. 

There are also three different colors of grapes and each as their own taste that  makes them differ slightly. For me, I love black grapes the most. 

And since I’m such a huge fan of grapes, you can’t stop me from showing my love and drawing them.

Here’s a quick and easy guide that will show you step for step on how to draw grapes. 

At the end, you can color them according to what you normally prefer (green or purple) but for this specific tutorial, I’ve chosen to draw purple grapes with a bright green leaf.

If this sounds like fun, jump right in and let’s get started.


Grapes Drawing Reference

Here’s the reference picture we will be using to create our drawing of grapes. It’s a pretty straightforward arrangement and it really it’s as complicated as it may seem.

We will begin by drawing the branch of the grapes first and then we will move onto drawing different size circles for the grapes but making sure it follows the same pattern.

Let’s start.

Steps For Drawing Grapes

Step 1

Step 1

Draw two sets of lines facing away from each but make the second set more uneven. This is the beginning of the branch for the grapes.

Step 2

Step 2

To make things easier for you, let’s start drawing the first section of the grapes which is the top section. You’ll want to draw a few half circles that join together on the left side of the branch.

Then move onto the middle section and draw three more circles. Head over to the right side and draw a few half circles that are combined but try to vary them in size.

Step 3

Step 3

Now all that is needed to do is to continue drawing circles the further you go down.

Step 4

How To Draw Grapes Step 4

Try to make the grapes take shape by narrowing the amount of circles drawn on either side. It should start to look something like this.

Step 5

How To Draw Grapes Step 5

Draw a few more circles that angle towards the left side. Add a few smaller circles for any blank spaces that you need to fill in.

Step 6

How To Draw Grapes Step 6

Continue drawing more circles of different sizes until you reach the very end. Your last circle should be quite large compared to others and this will give the impression that this branch of grapes are hanging.

Step 7

How To Draw Grapes Step 7

Since the overall shape of the grapes is now complete, let’s head back over to extend the branch further.

You can do this by joining those two sets of lines you had drawn in the very first step and extend them upwards.

Then draw a few jagged lines with pointy tips. This will be the start of the leaf.

Step 8

How To Draw Grapes Step 8

Now draw the top part of the leaf by repeating the action you have just done however this time draw the jagged line in the opposite direction so that it look like this. Make the end of the leaf more sharp and pointed as I have done here.

Step 9

How To Draw Grapes Step 9

Add the leaf details by drawing a curved line and then more a few shorter lines to give the leaf shape and interest. Once you have done this step, you have now successfully learnt how to draw grapes.

Step 10

How To Draw Grapes Step 10

To make your grape drawing look even more amazing, add some color to it to make it stand out.

Here I’ve used a lovely shade of purple for the grapes, a dark brown for the branch, and a bright green for the leaf.


Although it may look really difficult to learn how to draw grapes, it’s actually pretty easy.

You just need to know where to start and how to go about it but what matters the most is just breaking down a complex drawing into smaller sections and you’ll be able to understand how to go about it.

This idea can be used for just about any drawing. If you want to draw something that seems difficult, try to break down the drawing and understand it in terms of shapes and lines and you should be able to draw just about anything.

So, did you enjoying learning how to draw these grapes? If you did, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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