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how to draw cheese step by step

How To Draw Cheese (Really Easy Drawing Tutorial)

If you love to draw food items, the next item that should be on your to-do list is to learn how to draw cheese. 

You may have seen a cheese drawing featured in many cartoon movies or not but they are incredibly enjoyable to draw. 

And although you can find different type of cheese in the way they look, their size, and taste, we’ll be leaning to draw the type of cheese you typically see in the movies.

If you do end up enjoying drawing this cheese, I highly suggest you take up the challenge of drawing this cheese slice in different angles and sizes. 

Now this will really help you to learn how to use a reference and create your own drawings.

Sounds like a good idea? Then let’s not waste a minute and let’s get started.

Steps For Drawing Cheese

Step 1

Begin by drawing a straight line. On the right side of that line, draw a short straight line, then a curved line and another vertical line that joins to that first horizontal line.

Step 2

Now head over to the left side and draw a vertical line that stops at the end of that curved line opposite. The draw two more curved lines that create a shape like this.

From there, draw another short vertical line that joins to the horizontal line.

Step 3

Head over to the top of the shape and draw another horizontal line that matches the bottom one except draw in a half circle so that it looks like a piece that’s missing.

Step 4

How To Draw Cheese Step 4

Then draw a curved line that joins the other side of the cheese.

Step 5

How To Draw Cheese Step 5

To complete the overall shape of this cheese drawing, create a triangle shape by drawing a line in a angle to meet the point at the front of the cheese.

Step 6

How To Draw Cheese Step 6

Now it’s time to add the cutout pieces of the cheese and you can do this by drawing circles of different sizes in the middle of the first shape you had drawn.

Step 7

How To Draw Cheese Step 7

Add two more circles at the top of the cheese and you have now finished your drawing a cheese from start to finish.

Step 8

How To Draw Cheese Step 8

And we have reached the best part of the drawing and that’s coloring your drawing in.

Here I have use a really bright shade of yellow to shade my drawing in and you can choose a lighter shade if you want.

But I really wanted my cheese drawing to stand out and I think this color manages to accomplish that.


Did you find this tutorial on how to draw cheese easy to follow along? It was definitely loads of fun for me to create this guide and I think the end result is so worth it.

It’s just a cheerful drawing to have fun and not stress about whether it looks correct or not.

Even if your cheese doesn’t look exactly like mine, don’t stress. No cheese slice looks perfectly all the time and you will find many in different shapes and sizes.

Before you head out, let us know what your thoughts are on this cheese drawing. Was it fun and did it meet your expectations?

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