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how to draw candy

How To Draw Candy Step By Step (Easy Tutorial)

Are you interested in learning how to draw something fun and exciting? If you are, then I have the best tutorial for you. Here’s how you can learn how to draw candy in just a few easy steps.

This drawing is especially great if you just want to draw something really quick. There aren’t that many steps for this guide and you’re bound to recreate this drawing the way I have.

Once you reach the end, you’ll be excited to fill your drawing with color.

So, if you’re ready, grab a pencil or a pen and let’s begin.


In case you need an idea of how your candy should look, I’ve included this reference picture.

Candy Drawing Reference

There are many different styles and sizes to candy but we will focus on drawing the most simple kind of candy that you will find.

Steps For Drawing A Candy

Step 1

Begin your drawing by sketching out an oval and then erasing the sides so that you are left with two curved lines as such.

Step 2

On one side of the opening, draw two lines that angle away from each other.

Step 3

Step 3

Repeat the same step as above and draw two lines on the opposite end. It should start to look like this.

Step 4

How To Draw Candy Step 4

Now join those two angled lines together by drawing a jagged edge like I have done over here.

Step 5

How To Draw Candy Step 5

Do the same thing for the other side and then draw a few lines within that shape.

Step 6

How To Draw Candy Step 6

Head over to the other side once again and draw a few lines in that shape as well. Now you’ll be happy to hear that your candy drawing is complete.

Step 7

How To Draw Candy Step 7

It’s time to add some color to your drawing. You can choose any color to fill your drawing in or leave it plain but adding a pretty color to any drawing is always preferred.


By now, I’m sure you found this tutorial on how to draw candy pretty easy to follow. You can use the steps above as a helpful guide when drawing other types of candy.

Try to draw the middle of the candy or sweet first and then draw the wrapper. This way, it’s much easier to get the shape of the candy.

I do hope you liked how your drawing turned out. I’m curious to know so do leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

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