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How to draw broccoli step by step drawing tutorial

How To Draw Broccoli In 5 Easy Steps

If for some reason you decide to draw broccoli, that delicious leafy green that tastes great with melted cheese, I have a quick and easy tutorial that will show you how to draw broccoli in just 5 steps.

You may look at the reference image and think it seems super complicated to draw, however, the good news is that it really isn’t that hard if you remove the details.

By drawing the bottom first, you’ll be able to get the structure down and then put the drawing together.

Grab your pen or pencil and lets get to it.

Reference Image

Before we get started, let’s study the reference so that we can become familiar with the subject we’re about to draw.

How to draw broccoli step by step drawing tutorial

Remember, we’re not trying to draw the image exactly as we see it but instead as something close to it.

As you can see, the top of the broccoli looks like clouds with tiny dots on them and the stem looks like branches.

By knowing exactly where we want to start, this will help us begin the drawing.

You can either start drawing the cloud like shapes and then the stems or you can start with the stem part first like in our tutorial.

Steps For Drawing Broccoli

Step 1: The Stem

broccoli drawing step 2

The very first step to drawing broccoli is to draw the stem. This means draw one slightly curved line and then draw a shorter curved stem next to that leaving a bit of space.

Step 2:The Branches

broccoli drawing step 3

This step sort of looks like a hand right? Here we’ll be creating the branches.

Draw a U shape on the left side inside those two lines you had previously drawn, next to that draw a slanted V shape and then a small V shape after that.

You’ll want to try to keep that roundish shape going so it gives the lines more variety.

Step 3: The Crowns

Now it’s time to draw those cloud-like shapes.

To make sure that this step doesn’t become overwhelming, let’s draw the first one on the left.

There’s no strict rule as to how big or small to draw these but go for what looks good to you.

Step 4: Fill In The Rest Of The Crowns

broccoli drawing step 5

Once you have the first shape done, it’s easier to gauge the rest of them.

You can continue drawing those crowns on each branch and then draw connecting ones to fill in the spaces.

Make sure to draw the biggest crown at the very top of the broccoli as this gives the drawing volume and makes it more interesting.

Step 5: The Bottom Of The Stem

how to draw broccoli, broccoli drawing

And you’re near done with your broccoli drawing. This one was pretty fun, huh? To finish off this drawing, draw a thin oval shape at the bottom of the stem and fill it in.

Now you’re ready to color this drawing in or leave it as a line drawing, it’s totally up to you.

However, if you plan to color it in, then try mixing it up by using different shades of green and maybe a bit of yellow thrown in to catch those lighter shades.

For the shadows, you can use either a really dark green, purple, or black, depending on what shades you have.

Final Thoughts

Drawing a broccoli is really easy if you get the basic structure down first and there’s loads of places where you can draw these.

From my own experience, I find that drawing vegetables and fruits can be a great place to start because the subject can be used in real life for guidance.

Through practice, it becomes infinitely easier to accurately draw things and places from your mind’s eye alone.

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If you’re doing a food diary, a broccoli drawing like this will look super cute.

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this article and guide on how to draw broccoli, make sure to check out our other drawing tutorials and leave your questions in the comment section below.

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