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how to draw angel wings step by step

How To Draw Angel Wings In just 4 Easy Steps

One of the most common subjects I used to draw when I was younger were angel wings. But more so like the one with a heart in the center of the angle wings. Fun times!

And funny enough, creating this tutorial on how to draw angel wings brought back this little memory and reminded me of a few good moments.

It’s definitely one of the easier drawings a beginner can do when starting out or if you just need something fun to draw which you will get to see in a minute or so.

We’ll be drawing a simple pair of angel wings and you can do so with a pen or a pencil if you want to get the shape right before you ink.

So, if you’re ready to learn how to draw these fun angel wings, let’s get started.

Steps For Drawing Angel Wings

Step 1

step 1

Draw two curved lines that face away from each other and make the top line angle further out.

Step 2

How To Draw Angel Wings Step 2

Now let’s work on drawing the first angel wings. Do this by drawing curved lines that join together.

Step 3

How To Draw Angel Wings Step 3

Continue drawing these curved lines until you reach the first like you had drawn. Then head over to the next wing and draw a few curved lines facing the right direction.

Step 4

How To Draw Angel Wings Step 4

Add a few more joined curved lines until you reach the end of the first line. And you have now completed your angel wing drawing.

Yup, it’s just that easy.


I think drawing angel wings is one of the easiest drawings a beginner can do.

You don’t need to fuss over it too much to get the shape right as long as you keep in mind the overall shape of an angel’s wing and then add the details like the feathers.

This drawing is perfect for a beginner or someone who is more familiar with drawing. Either way, you’re definitely going to enjoy drawing this subject.

There are more complicated angel wing drawings you can do but I think this is the perfect place to start.

Did you enjoy learning how to draw angel wings? If so, leave us your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

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