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how to draw an eggplant step by step

How To Draw An Eggplant In 6 Easy Steps For Beginners

The eggplant is one of those classic vegetables that look unique and somehow has become a pop-cultural reference. Be that as it may, its interesting shape, color and stem make for a simple but interesting subject for drawing. So, in today’s article, I want to share my step-by-step system on how to draw an eggplant.

One of the reasons why I have been focusing on vegetable and fruit drawings is to equip you with information that helps you with more detailed drawings like fruit baskets and grocery stores.

With that being said, let’s get done with this introduction and jump straight into our eggplant drawing.


Let’s use the following image as our reference for this eggplant drawing tutorial. We’ll work our way down this drawing as it doesn’t require us to extend outwardly or into different shapes necessarily.

eggplant drawing reference

A good place to start will be with the stem. This will be our guide to decide just how long and wide our eggplant shape needs to be.

Steps For Drawing An Eggplant

Step 1

step 1

Like most stems, we’ll start with one rounded line that extends into a long arm like drawing before curving all the way out.

Step 2

step 2

Now let’s fill in more of the jagged edges of the stem which will then be attached to the flesh of the eggplant.

These lines are wavy, curvy and quite jagged.

I’ve drawn this to look similar to our reference image but you don’t have to perfectly replicate it. It will still look good irrespective or how these curves are drawn.

Step 3

how to draw an eggplant step 3

From the sharpest or left end point of our stem, draw a line straight-ish line a few cm.

On the opposite end, draw a rounded line that extends directly out of the stem.

The only difference is that this portion of the drawing will connect to the mid point of your stem rather than the edge.

Step 4

how to draw an eggplant step 4

Continue extending the right line until it curves all the way down until it stop before turning into a U-shape.

Step 5

how to draw an eggplant step 5

Now start extending the line from your left further down. You want to stop a few cm before you ended the previous line.

Step 6

how to draw an eggplant step 6

Connect both your lines by rounding off the bottom until your eggplant drawing is complete.

That’s it! You’ve successfully drawn an eggplant.

I would suggest coloring your eggplant with a dark purple and the stem should be a light green.

eggplant drawing tutorial


Learning how to draw an eggplant can be a ridiculously fun and easy tutorial to master, especially for a beginner. I strongly urge you to practice as much as you can until you’re able to draw different items from memory or your mind’s eye.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, please share it with someone who wants to learn how to draw.

Also, head over to the comment section below and leave your requests for future tutorials.

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