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how to draw an egg step by step

How To Draw An Egg (4 Quick And Easy Steps)

Before you think that I’m about to teach you how to draw an oval and call it an egg, I can assure you that this tutorial will be more detailed because we’ll be drawing a sunny-side-up egg. You’ll be able to master this drawing in about a minute so I’m really looking forward to teaching you how to draw an egg.

This egg drawing will mostly consist of free-flowing lines that make up one or two shapes at most.

With that being said, let’s get straight into this tutorial.


Until you develop more experience drawing from imagination, I would suggest that you use a reference image as a guideline. The following image displays a simple egg being cooked.

We have one circle shape which consists of the yoke and the egg whites which have very rounded and jagged edges.

Keep that in mind because there are really no rigid lines that are required for this drawing. All you’ll need is a pencil and an eraser.

Steps For Drawing An Egg

Step 1

step 1

Let’s begin this egg drawing with the yoke. By doing this, we can fill in the egg white more freely and without having to squeeze an oddly shaped and sized circle inside.

This is just a simple circle that is not perfectly symmetrical or drawn. It’s kind of wavy so keep that in mind.

Step 2

how to draw an egg step 2

Now, let’s draw our egg white. We want to keep this line away from our yoke by about 5 – 7 cm in distance. Your line should be wavy and extend around the yolk.

Start with a small area before proceeding onto the rest of your drawing.

Step 3

how to draw an egg step 3

Continue your egg drawing by extending that line toward the left in more of a wavy pattern.

Keep extending your line further away from the yoke to create more of an accurate drawing.

Step 4

how to draw an egg step 4

Turn your line down towards the rest of your image until it connects with the start point. By now, your egg drawing is more or less complete.

All we need to add is one or two details and you can proceed to color your egg.

Final Drawing

If you noticed, our reference image seems to highlight a portion of the yolk. So, let’s add this detail by drawing a small shape that looks like a jelly bean within the upper corner of the yolk.

Thereafter, color the yoke a bright yellow except for the inside of your jelly bean shape.

Leave this to be white as it will depict the reflection we are trying to create.

You’re done! That’s all you need to do for this egg drawing.

egg drawing tutorial


I hope you found this tutorial on how to draw an egg to be super simple and easy to complete.

As a rule of thumb, beginner artists should practice and hone their skills by drawing as many things as they possibly can, even if they’re easy.

With time, you’ll gain so much experience that you’ll be able to draw intricate and super detailed images.

Anyway, please head over to the comment section below and let me know what drawing guides you’d like for me to create.

I’ll add this to my publishing schedule as soon as possible.

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