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how to draw an eagle step by step

How To Draw An Eagle (Easy Drawing Tutorial)

If you want to learn how to draw an eagle in just a few steps, this is the best guide that will show you in detail.

Eagles are incredibly interesting and they are known as a symbol of freedom and peace however it is said that their grip is about 10 times stronger than a person’s.

With their incredible strength, they can even live up to 30 years in the wild. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Which is why knowing all this about eagles makes it even better to draw them now. 

This drawing isn’t that difficult but if you follow along to my instructions, you’ll be able to draw an eagle in minutes.

Let’s start.


Eagle Drawing Reference

It’s kind of difficult to just remember how an eagle looks at the top of your head so here’s a reference photo of an eagle we will use to draw one.

Steps For Drawing A Eagle

Step 1

Step 1

As always with every bird we draw, we will start by drawing the head and the beak. Start by sketching out a curved line for the top of the eagles head.

Then draw these curved shapes for the beak. At the bottom of the beak, draw a curved line going down. Also, add a tiny dot on the beak for the nose.

Step 2

Step 2

Now it’s time to draw the eye. You can do this by drawing a short horizontal line and then draw a circle for the eye. Add the details in the middle of that circle to form an eye.

Step 3

Step 3

If you noticed carefully on the reference image, you’ll see these white feathers stand out. You can draw this by sketching out jagged lines or better yet, V lines as I have down here.

Step 4

how to draw an eagle step 4

Next up, we will draw the body of the eagle. You can do this by drawing two curved lines on either side of the head to create the shape of the body.

Step 5

how to draw an eagle step 5

Then towards the end, draw one straight vertical line in the middle of that body and the towards the right, draw an uneven vertical line. This will indicate the wings of the eagle.

Step 6

how to draw an eagle step 6

Then you’ll want to draw the branch that the eagle is sitting on and you can do this by drawing two parallel lines. Once you have done this, go ahead and draw the feet of the eagle.

Step 7

how to draw an eagle step 7

All that is left to do is to draw the other claw and your eagle drawing should be complete. If you want to color your drawing in, you may do so otherwise this drawing looks pretty great on it’s own.


Drawing an eagle isn’t really that complicated or hard as you can see. I tried to make it as easy as possible by breaking it down into smaller steps.

Also, drawing birds like this is a great way to further your drawing skills and get better at them. It only consists of a few lines but it’s definitely useful and will be beneficial when you draw other things.

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