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how to draw an axe step by step

How To Draw An Axe (Full Step By Step Tutorial)

An axe is a tool that is used to cut wood and trees but you might have also seen them used as a weapon in movies and films but I never thought to actually draw it until I became interested in designing cool weapons for a fantasy action concept.

If you would like to learn how to draw an axe step by step, I have a fantastic guide to share.

There are many different designs you can come up with for drawing an axe but for this tutorial, we’re going to keep things simple and focus on drawing the basic structure of an axe.

When you are confident that you can draw a basic axe, you can then try drawing it with different designs or come up with new ideas for drawing cool weapons.


For this drawing we will be using this reference photo to recreate a drawing of an axe.

Axe Drawing Reference

The handle of this axe is quite long compared to it’s blade but it’s short enough to hold without being heavy weight or long enough to get in the way. This design allows for quick and sharp movements due to the overall shape.

We’ll begin by drawing the curved shape of the blade and then move onto the handle. You’ll see in just a bit how easy and fun it is to draw an axe.

Steps For Drawing A Bird

Step 1

step 1

Begin by drawing two lines that curve slightly in angle and then draw two short lines on either side (top and bottom) to join those two long curved lines together.

Step 2

step 2

Then draw two lines that curve in both at the top of the blade and the bottom to create a shape like this.

Step 3

step 3

Continue drawing those lines longer but make the top line more straight and the bottom line more curved in. The draw a straight line down to join those lines together. The blade of the axe is now complete.

Step 4

step 4

Now it’s time to draw the handle of the blade. You can do this by drawing two parallel lines but as they go down, make sure that they are draw in a slight angle. Don’t forget to draw the horizontal line on top of that to close off those two lines.

Step 5

how to draw an axe step 5

Also, draw another rectangle on the right side of that to show the rest of the blade.

Step 6

how to draw an axe step 6

To finish off the top of this ax drawing, go ahead and draw a circle on the handle at the top right-hand corner of the handle. This detail is also included in the reference but it also indicates how the blade is held by the handle.

Step 7

how to draw an axe step 7

Now it’s time to continue drawing the handle. You’ll want to extend those lines you had drawing previously to a length you think is right. Then draw a wavy line to join those lines together and then draw another set of lines going down.

Step 8

how to draw an axe step 8

Close off those two lines by drawing a shape that looks like this.

Your axe drawing is now finished and you can go ahead and add some color to it if you like. I used a few shades of grey for the blade and handle but a black for the bottom handle.

You don’t need to use these exact colors for your drawing but you could also not shade it at all if you just want a line drawing of an axe.


Did you find this tutorial on how to draw an axe helpful? Although it’s seems like a simple object to draw, it can be challenging in figuring out how long the handle should be.

However, the overall drawing of an axe isn’t so complicated but it’s definitely fun to draw something different once in a while.

What do you plan to do with this axe drawing? Did you have fun learning to draw an axe?

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