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how to draw a treasure chest step by step

How To Draw A Treasure Chest (Fun Drawing Tutorial)

Treasure chests or boxes always make me think of fun and exciting adventures. You may have seen many of them in fantasy or adventure movies and they are either filled with gold or gems and pearls.

Either way, they definitely make an interesting subject to draw and one that is exceptionally fun too. If you would like to learn how to draw a treasure chest in just a few easy steps, you can follow my step by step guide.

This tutorial is straightforward and easy to follow along. You will be satisfied with the end results, that’s for sure.

Also, you are encouraged to add on more designs to this treasure chest drawing to make it your own.

So, if you’re looking to draw something fun, this is the one for you.


Treasure Chest Reference

Before we start this drawing tutorial, I just wanted you to observe our subject for a few seconds to understand how we will go about drawing this.

There are two parts to this box, first we have the rounded lid and then we have the box. There is also the handle in the middle as well as other details but we will not be including that yet in this drawing.

We will begin by drawing the lid of the chest and then draw the lower half.

Steps For Drawing A Treasure Chest

Step 1

The first step to drawing a treasure chest is to draw the lid. You can do this by drawing a line in an angle and then add two curved lines on each end making the first line slightly shorter than the other.

Step 2

On the left side, continue drawing that curved line to make it look like an upsides down U shape.

Draw another line to join the two lines together and it should resemble something like a half circle. In the middle of that shape, match that line with the bottom one.

The head over to the front and draw another line that matches the first but leave a large chunk of space empty.

You may use a ruler for this step if you want neater lines.

Step 3

Head over the left side again and extend those U shape lines further down.

Step 4

Join these two lines by drawing an additional two horizontal lines in an angle.

Step 5

Now go over to the right and extend the other curved line making it match the left side.

Step 6

How to draw a treasure chest step 6

Join the right side to the left side by drawing two horizontal lines as you had done in the other step. Your drawing should be taking shape now.

Step 7

How to draw a treasure chest step 7

Now it’s time to draw the handle/lock. To do this, head over to that chunk of space you had left previously and draw in this shape. Make sure to join the middle line to this shape as well.

Step 8

How to draw a treasure chest step 8

Connect that shape to a circle like this and then head over to the top left side of this handle and draw a small circle. Connect it with two tiny lines to the handle.

Step 9

treasure chest drawing

In the middle of that ‘circle’, draw a rectangle with a smaller square on the inside of that. Once you have finished this step, your treasure chest drawing is complete.

To color this drawing, I used two shades of brown. First, a warm brown for the front of the treasure chest but a darker brown for the side of the chest.

You can go with any color you want.


Did I keep my promise when I said drawing this treasure chest will be really interesting? Well, I had so much fun recreating this drawing and I do hope this tutorial on how to draw a treasure chest lived up to your standards.

It’s safe to say that drawing treasure chests is way more than just a pretty drawing. You can’t help but have more fun by imagining the possible goodies that could be inside it.

If you have drawn this chest, try thinking of things you would place in it and write your thoughts down next to this drawing.

Also, let us know your thoughts about what and where you would keep this treasure box filled with goodies?

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