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how to draw a shoe step by step

How To Draw A Shoe In Just 11 Easy And Quick Steps

Have you ever wanted to draw an epic shoe before? Well my friend, you have made the best decision to choose this article. 

I will show you step by step on how to draw a shoe that anyone can draw from start to finish. In fact, to be more specific, we will be learning how to draw a really cool sneaker.

You don’t need any fancy drawing skills or to be great at drawing, this tutorial will break down the process of drawing a shoe in just a few steps.

This drawing might be challenging for those who haven’t drawn before or haven’t had enough practice but I’m sure you can make it work.

However, before we begin, I’d like to just suggest that you use a pencil rather than a pen for this one in case you need to make a few adjustments in your drawing. 

Once you are happy with the way your sneaker looks, you can ink it if you want.

If this sounds like a good plan, let’s begin.


Here is the drawing reference we will use for this article.

As you can see, this sneaker is positioned in an angle but I feel it will be difficult to draw a complex drawing like this for the first time in this angle.

Shoe drawing reference

So, we will draw this shoe straight but you can try to draw this exactly as the reference if you’re up for the challenge.

The first step we will do is the drawing the top of the shoe, then we will draw part of the lace and then the front of the shoe. We will then draw the bottom last.

Steps For Drawing A Shoe

Step 1

step 1

To begin your shoe drawing, start by drawing a curved shape on top. From the left side of that shape, draw a wavy line down.

Step 2

step 2

Extend the top line to come down in an angle and then draw another curved shape for the flap. Then half way down that line, draw another line down.

Step 3

step 3

You’ll then want to draw the laces and you can do this by drawing lines that overlap one another as I have done over here.

Step 4

step 4

Next to those laces, draw two round circles with a smaller circle in the middle of them.

Step 5

step 5

Continue drawing these circles down the shoe as well as the laces. You can see the rest of the laces are going across the shoe and starts from those circles.

Step 6

step 6

Draw the front of the shoe by drawing a curved line. This is the white part in the reference. You’ll the want to draw another curved line that joins that line at the top.

Step 7

how to draw a shoe step 7

Draw the top line across the shoe and join it to the front. Add another short vertical line towards the front.

Step 8

how to draw a shoe step 8

Repeat the above step by drawing another line parallel to the first so that your drawing looks like this.

Step 9

how to draw a shoe step 9

Draw one more line horizontally to join it to the front. The overall structure of this shoe drawing is now complete but we still have a few more details to add.

Step 10

how to draw a shoe step 10

To finish off your shoe drawing, draw a broken line before the circles following the pattern of the shoe. Towards the bottom of the shoe, draw two sets of circles as well.

Now this shoe drawing is completed.

Step 11

how to draw a shoe step 11

If you want to add a few more details to customise your shoe drawing like I have include this star and circle, you may do so. You can even write your name on this if you want to design a new pattern, it’s totally up to you.

All that is left to do is color your drawing and you’re good to go.


Learning to draw a shoe like this is definitely more challenging and complex compared to other drawings but it’s no less sastifying when you have a completed draiwng in hand.

This drawing is particulary great if you want to test your skills and try to draw harder things but if you just break down the overall shapes, it’s easier to draw.

Did you have fun drawing this sneaker? Let us know what you thought of this tutorial.

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