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how to draw a rose step by step

How To Draw A Rose Step By Step For Beginners

Almost every guide or roundup will suggest the idea of drawing a rose when you’re starting out or when you’re looking for fun things to draw.

And I can say in all honesty, they are totally right! Drawing roses are so much fun, especially when you get to create something beautiful on paper.

However, this does not mean drawing roses are exactly easy. They can present quite a challenge for beginners at drawing and it’s easy to get confused with where to begin.

There’s so many petals and you want to get the shape of the bud right. 

For this tutorial, I’ve made it easier to understand and learn how to draw a rose in just a few steps.

If you follow my guidance, you will be able to draw the prettiest rose you’ve ever seen and wait till we get to the last step of the tutorial, you’ll be thrilled to see how amazing this drawing looks once colored in!


I’ve included the reference photo for you which we will be drawing from for this tutorial.

Rose Drawing Reference

The first thing you may be feeling is slightly overwhelmed by all the petals but I have good news for you. To not complicate things, I say we tackle the hardest part first at that is the petals.

So, for this drawing, we will begin by adding in the petal details at the top, moving onto the rest of the petals around the bud, then we’ll draw the stem and the leaves.

Sounds good? Let’s begin.

Steps For Drawing A Rose

Step 1

Start by drawing a wavy line as such. On top of that line, draw a second wavy line in this pattern and then on the left side of this shape, draw in another curved shape as shown above.

Step 2

Draw a curved line that closes around this shape at the top. Once you have done this, move down to the first shape and draw a line that closes the bottom off too. Add a few more lines for to indicate the turned petals.

Step 3

Head over to the left side again and draw a line that curves out.

Once you have done this, go to the other side of the rose, and join the top line with another small curved line that comes out again creating a V shape.

Extend that line further to show another petal facing towards the right.

Step 4

Now, on the left side you would have had that shape you had drawn in the previous step, draw another line that goes in a wave and curves down. On that line draw another tiny uneven shape to show a slightly folded petal.

Then draw a few more curved lines to extend the petal downwards.

Step 5

How To Draw A Rose Step 5

Head over to the left side again and draw a few curved lines and this will create the bud of the rose. You can see here how the petal is folded over.

Step 6

How To Draw A Rose Step 6

Draw a curved line to join the left side to the right and the bud of the rose is now complete. To add the leaves, draw a wavy leaf shape as done in this step.

Step 7

How To Draw A Rose Step 7

Add a few more shapes like this to include the other leaves. Also, be sure include the start of the stem of this rose.

Step 8

How To Draw A Rose Step 8

Draw two parallel lines in an angle that is a good distance from the rose itself. Your rose drawing should look something like this.

Step 9

How To Draw A Rose Step 9

To finish your rose drawing, draw in a large leaf and make the tips slightly pointed. Don’t forget to add a few lines for the leaf details.

Step 10

How To Draw A Rose Step 10

To make your rose drawing come to life, add some color to it. I tried to stick close to the reference but made my rose a bright shade of pink and a few greens for the stem and leaves.


I do have to admit that if you are a beginner at drawing and havent drawn much before, you will find learning how to draw a rose challenging.

However, every rose drawing can be tough for just about anyone but I do hope you found this tutorial to make the process of drawing a rose slightly easier to understand.

Will all of this aside, roses are just so beautiful and enchanting that it makes every single effort you put into drawing them absolutely worth it.

It doesn’t matter if your drawing doesn’t even resemeble to reference that closely, as long as you are happy with how it turned out, that’s all that matters.

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