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how to draw pretzels step by step

How To Draw A Pretzel (Step By Step Drawing Tutorial)

In this article, I want to share my step-by-step guide on how to draw a pretzel. This is one of my all-time favorite snacks and for good reason. It’s crunchy, delicious and perfect for almost every occasion.

Be that as it may, what makes drawing so much fun is that you can use almost anything as your subject. And what I’ve come to learn is that the best sketch artists honed their skills by practicing on everyday items like trees and food. This is why I think it’s a great idea that you try this to complete this pretzel drawing.

What I particularly like about a pretzel drawing is that it can be fairly simple and easy to learn because it requires minimal steps. There aren’t many accents or sharp edges. If you’re trying to master curves, a pretzel drawing is an ideal place to start.


For this pretzel drawing, we can use this image as a reference guide. As you can tell, you’re essentially drawing what looks like a distorted happy face. There are two pear-shaped or tear-shaped eyes that are directly connected to a triangle consisting of rounded edges.

Pretzel Drawing Reference

You can color in your pretzel with different shades of brown at the end but I advise you to focus on mastering the overall shape first.

Steps For Drawing A Pretzel

Step 1: Draw two pear shape eyes

Step 1

Let’s begin by drawing two pear-shaped eyes which are sharp and angular towards the bottom while rounded at the top. Start at the bottom and make sure they face away from each other.

Step 2: Draw the first dominant line

Step 2

The reason why these lines are considered dominant is that they appear as if they sitting on top of the base of your pretzel. Starting with the left, draw a line out of the bottom half of your pear shape that gently curves as it extends to the outside of your frame. End your line as soon as you reach the center.

Step 3: Fill out the second dominant line

Step 3

Repeat the same steps above but start from where your previous line ended. Try to make both sides appear to be equal in length and thickness as best as you can.

Step 4: Draw an upper heart shape line

How to draw a pretzel step 4

When drawing these curved lines that appear to look like the top of a heart, start at the center of your image directly above the midpoint that appears at the bottom of your structure. From there, draw two curved lines of equal thickness that connect to the bottom of your image.

Step 5: Start completing the base of your pretzel drawing

How to draw a pretzel step 5

When drawing the adjoining lines, simply start your curved/rounded line where the pear-shaped edges would appear. You should have what looks like a smiling face by now.

Step 6: Add a secondary line to complete your sketch

How to draw a pretzel step 6

Fill in the last curved line of your pretzel drawing by starting in line with where your outside lines end. This will create a uniform and connected base, thus completing your drawing.


There you have it! This is my guide on how to draw a pretzel in 6 easy steps.

What I like about this pretzel drawing is that it doesn’t really require a lot of measurements or precision to create what looks like a pretzel.

Try to recreate the reference image above with pretzels that are facing different angles. By the time you do so, I’m more than certain that you’ll be able to draw a pretzel without even needing to look at a reference image ever again.

If you enjoyed this guide on how to draw a pretzel, please share it with your friends and family. Additionally, feel free to check out some of our other easy drawing ideas below.

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