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how to draw a pot plant step by step

How To Draw A Pot Plant (Step By Step Drawing Tutorial)

I was in the mood to draw something fun recently and that’s when I came across this incredible pot plant that looked amazing.

Plant doodles have become a recent trend and I can totally see why. No matter what kind of plant you choose to draw, be it a flower or a simple leaf drawing, these doodles can instantly make a page look beautiful without much effort involved.

So, it seemed like a pretty good idea to give it a go and try drawing it for myself.

I really do believe that you’ll also enjoy drawing this particular pot plant so here’s a full step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a pot plant in just a few easy steps.

The great thing about this drawing is that you don’t necessarily have to even stick with the reference but you could add on more details like drawing flowers for instance, if you feel like you want to customize your pot plant drawing further.

It’s totally up to you!

If this sounds like a good idea, let’s get started.


pot plant drawing reference

This is the pot plant that we’ll be drawing for today and as you can see, the plant box/holder is much smaller than the entire plant itself. The stems are quite long in height so we do have to make sure to emphasize this part.

We also have two smaller leaves that shoot out at an angle and there are various other sizes of leaves on here which we can play around with.

Steps For Drawing A Pot Plant

Step 1

step 1

The very first thing that we will be drawing is the plant pot. You can do this by drawing two lines that are slightly angled towards the bottom and then drawing a curved line to join those two.

Step 2

step 2

You’ll then want to draw the top of the pot by drawing a circle connecting those previous two lines but making sure to leave a bit of space for where the stems will show.

Step 3

step 3

Now it’s time to begin the stems. There are two ways to do this, you can either draw the lines in completion from top to bottom so that you know where your leaves will go or you can start over here and work your way up but either way you’ll start to see the drawing come together in just a bit.

Step 4

step 4

Continue drawing those lines further up to create distance between the pot and the leaves. Then, draw the curved line and add the leaf detail.

Step 5

how to draw a pot plant step 5

You’ll then want to draw the top of the leaf by drawing jagged lines as done over here. For extra details, you can add the lines inside the leaf as well.

Step 6

how to draw a pot plant step 6

Now it’s time to work on the other leaf which is on the right. This one mostly follows the pattern of the curved line following the direction. You’ll want to draw three rectangles shapes that are slightly different in sizes and length to create this leaf.

Step 7

how to draw a pot plant step 7

Continue adding the rest of the leaves as done over here but also extending the stem in the middle so the top lead stands out. You can also make this leaf more curvy when you’re drawing it.

Step 8

how to draw a pot plant step 8

I’m sure you can really see this drawing come together at this point and all that you need to do for this step is to add the other large leaf on the right. To make things easier, draw the stem line first and then add the leaf.

Also notice that at the bottom of that leaf, there’s a slight triangle shape to indicate the direction of the way the leaf is facing.

Step 9

how to draw a pot plant step 9

And this is the very last step to drawing your pot plant. Draw another large-sized leaf but this time, rather than drawing a triangle shape, you’ll want to draw a curved shape to show that the leaf at the bottom is folded.

These few details may be tiresome but they do make the drawing more interesting and closer to the reference.

All that is left to do is to color in the drawing. You can choose to use the same colors as the reference for the pot or you can choose whichever color you like.

Try to vary up the colors for leaves by choosing at least 2 different greens, one light and one dark. Leaves that are in the shadow or behind another leaf should be the dark shade while leaves that in the light should be colored in with a darker shade of green.

However, this is totally optional as well.

pot plant drawing tutorial


Although drawing this pot plant is slightly time-consuming with all its tiny details, it’s a great way to work on your drawing skills.

It challenges you to draw leaves that are facing different directions but also those that are different in size. You can definitely learn a lot from following a tutorial like this.

This drawing is also really worth it at the end when you see the complete finish, especially when you add color to it.

There’s just something so eye-catching about this red and green combo and I highly recommend this drawing to anyone who wants to draw something fun and creative at the same time.

What did you think of this tutorial on how to draw a pot plant? Let us know your thoughts below.

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