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how to draw a paint brush step by step

How To Draw A Paint Brush In 3 Quick And Easy Steps

Painting is one of my most favorite pass time activities that I’ve recently discovered and never knew I’d enjoy so much.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to draw my paint supplies to remember how special they are to me and if you’re also fond of painting, I highly suggest you join me by learning how to draw a paint brush so you too can create a beautiful drawing of all your art supplies.

It would make an awesome memory of your very first (or current) art supplies and it’s also a fun drawing idea that will only take you a few minutes.

There are lots of different shapes for the brushes that you can draw as well but for this drawing lesson, we’ll stick with learning how to draw a round brush and a straight head brush.

To draw a paint brush, all you really need to do is sketch out the handle of the brush, the part that holds the hair and brush together, and then the hair of the brush.

Sounds easy, right? Let’s begin.

Steps For Drawing A Paint Brush

Step 1

How To Draw A Paint Brush Step 1

Since we’ll be drawing two different paint brushes, you’ll want to draw this step two times. Begin by drawing two lines horizontally and then drawing a curved line to join those two lines together on the left side.

Step 2

How To Draw A Paint Brush Step 1

On the right hand side, draw another rectangle shape and close it off with a curved line for the first brush but for the second brush make it more angled as you draw the lines coming out as done here.

Step 3

How To Draw A Paint Brush Step 3

To complete your paint brush drawing, you’ll want to draw two curved lines facing outwards but making the bottom one slightly longer to make the brush look more curved. You can then draw lines to indicate the hairs.

For the second paint brush drawing, all you need to do is draw two lines in a angle and join it with a curved line.

You can then draw straight lines within that shape to indicate the hairs if you want or leave it plain.

All that’s left is to color your drawing in or you can leave it as is depending on what you plan to use it for.

paint brush drawing tutorial


Like I promised, learning how to draw a paint brush was super easy, right? And it’s also a stress-free drawing. You don’t need to be concerned if the drawing looks exactly like your reference but the whole point is to create a cute doodle of it.

Once you know the basic shape of a paint brush, you can draw in it any position. If you want to create an even more intricate drawing, then you can try drawing your paint brushes in a jar with other art supplies.

There’s loads of stuff that you can do and use this paint brush drawing for and I’m sure you already have a pretty good idea.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts below and let us know if you enjoyed learning how to draw these paint brushes.

Challenge yourself to draw as many different brushes and vary the shapes and sizes of them to make things more interesting such as drawing a dagger brush, a mop brush, or even a hake brush.

They are all interesting in their own way.

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