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How To Draw A Milk Carton (Easy Drawing Tutorial)

how to draw a milk carton

Would you like to draw something fun and easy but still looks really cute? Then why not try to learn to draw a milk carton.

This drawing idea is perfect for those who just want to draw something quickly and still practice drawing new things.

What’s fantastic about this drawing is that you get to draw different shapes like triangles, squares, boxes. You’re sure to have lots of fun doing so.

The overall structure of a milk carton is relatively simple and easy to draw. It’s mainly a box with triangles that makeup the top of the carton.

You can use a ruler if you want to measure and get your lines straight but since this is for practice, all you really need is just a pencil and a page to get started.

Steps For Drawing A Milk Carton

Step 1

The first step you need to do is to draw a square like this. This will be the front of the milk carton and it makes up the first part of the box.

Step 2

At the top of the square, draw one line in a angle and on the other side of the square, draw another line that goes up.

Step 3

Join those two lines by drawing a horizontal line. Then draw two short lines and match that previous line with another horizontal line to create this rectangle shape.

Step 4

Now we will move onto drawing the other side of the milk carton. On the right side, draw a small triangle shape and then draw an angled line from that point.

Step 5

How To Draw A Milk Carton Step 5

At the end of that line, draw a horizontal line from that point to the other side. Head over to the end of the square and draw a matching line.

Step 6

How To Draw A Milk Carton Step 6

Connect these two lines by drawing a straight line. This line should match up to the line of the square and the shape of your milk carton should look like this.

Step 7

How To Draw A Milk Carton Step 7

Now you can add a few extra details by labelling your milk carton. I did this by drawing a simple circle in the middle of the square and wrote the word ‘milk’ in all caps.

If you would like to color your drawing in, you may go ahead but for this one, it’s not completely necessary. I think this drawing looks pretty good on it’s own.


Didn’t I tell you it will be really really easy to learn how to draw a milk carton? I hope you found this easy to follow along and your drawing came out exactly how you wanted it too.

This drawing in particular is wonderful since it gets to test your drawing skills. It can be challenging at first but it makes good practice in drawing different shapes and lines.

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