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how to draw a lizard step by step

How To Draw A Lizard Step By Step (Easy Drawing Guide)

I don’t really like lizards and I’m certainly afraid of touching one or even the idea of them falling on me. However, there are many people who love them so much that they keep them as pets.

But I do admit that they are very interesting to look at and that’s why I thought it would be a fun idea to create this drawing tutorial on how to draw a lizard from start to finish.

If you ever wanted to draw a lizard but struggled to do so, then you’re going to be really happy to find this tutorial.

This particular drawing does not require any advanced drawing skills so before you grab a pen, let’s sketch out this lizard in pencil first so that if there are any mistakes we can always make corrections at the end.

If this sounds good, let’s begin.


Lizzard Drawing Reference

In case you need it, here’s a reference you can use to study and look at when learning to draw a lizard. In this drawing, we’ll begin by drawing the head and then we’ll draw the rest of the body and include the details last.

Steps For Drawing A Lizzard

Step 1

Step 1

Start by drawing the head of the lizard. You can do this by drawing a triangle sort of shape and then draw a line for the mouth.

Step 2

Step 2

Next to the head, draw an uneven curved line for the body of the lizard.

Step 3

how to draw a lizzard step 3

Now at the bottom of the lizzard, draw the first arm as I have done over here.

Step 4

how to draw a lizzard step 4

Then draw a curved line from the line of the arm all the way down. Leave a bit of space and draw another line going down to meet this one so that it creates the tail at the end.

Step 5

how to draw a lizzard step 5

Then draw the back legs of the lizard and join it to the previous line. Don’t forget to draw a line for the branch that it is sitting on.

Step 6

how to draw a lizzard step 6

All that is left to do is to draw the eyes at the front of the head and your lizard drawing is now complete.

This will be the right time to color your drawing in with a nice shade of green and you’re done.


Was learning how to draw a lizard just like this one fun? I sure hope so! I personally think this drawing would look even better with color but I am happy with the way it turned out.

If you’re looking for something easy to draw then this the perfect tutorial to follow.

There are no complicated shapes or lines and if you’re not happy with your first draft, then simply erase the parts that are bothering you and try until you get it right.

However, if you feel like you’re up to draw other fun things like this, here are a few suggestions:

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