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how to draw a lantern step by step

How To Draw A Lantern (Step By Step Tutorial)

Lanterns are really cool and they can be used in so many different ways besides just the obvious use as a light source.

If you have a really nice lantern, you can use them as a decoration piece for your home.

You can fill them up with items or create an awesome decor item by filling it with string lights to give off a magical feeling.

Which is why I love them so much and you can find a few of these lanterns with different designs and shapes depending on what you need.

But I’m sure you’re not here for this. You’re probably here to learn how to draw a lantern step by step.

Well, good news. I have the best tutorial that will show you every step to drawing a lantern that is quick, easy, and looks awesome at the end.

If you’re to start, all you need is a pencil and we can begin.

Steps For Drawing A Lantern

Step 1

Step 1

The very first step to drawing a lantern is to draw a rectangle like this. By doing so, it will make it so much easier to place the other lines to create the drawing.

You can also measure how big or small you want your lantern drawing to be and if you want straighter lines, use a ruler for this step.

Step 2

Step 2

Now at the bottom of the first shape, draw two smaller lines that come out at an angle and then draw a horizontal line joining them together.

Step 3

Step 3

Then head over to the top of the rectangle and extend the first line. Draw two lines in an angle and then draw a horizontal line to join them toegether just like in the previous step.

It should sort of like the front of a house in a way.

Step 4

How To Draw A Lantern Step 4

For the next step, go back to the first rectangle that you drew and draw a second one to match the first but make this one slightly smaller. This will indicate the glass of the lantern.

Step 5

How To Draw A Lantern Step 5

Now we will work on adding extra details to the lantern. At the top, draw another smaller rectangle shape followed by a half circle/dome shape.

Step 6

How To Draw A Lantern Step 6

Then draw a smaller square in the middle of that curved line on top. Draw two smaller shapes on the sides and then draw a line to indicate the handle of the lantern.

Now I can happily tell you that your lantern drawing is complete. You can fill it in with color if you want or leave it as is.

Either way, it still turned out pretty great, don’t you think?


Creating this tutorial on how to draw a lantern for you guys was really enjoyable and I’m pleased with the overall drawing at the end.

I think it resembles a real lantern quite closely but if you feel like it needs a few more details, don’t be shy to improve your own drawing.

Give it that orginality that will make your drawing stand out and don’t be afraid to push yourself to draw other lanterns with different sizes.

This tutorial is a great place to start and you can use these tips when drawing other lanterns as such.

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