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how to draw a lady bug step by step tutorial

How To Draw A Lady Bug (Easy Step By Step Tutorial)

If you would like to learn how to draw a lady bug with full step by step instructions and a guide on how to go about coloring your drawing, I’ve created an awesome tutorial that will show you how.

Lady bugs are one of the most cutest creatures that just seem so innocent and they make adorable drawings. As tiny as they might be, their vivid colors are what makes them stand out and easy to spot.

Despite having the name ‘bug’, they aren’t actually bugs but beetles and they are quite strong too in which they can defend themselves from other creatures by producing toxins.

Pretty mighty for such a small creature, right?

I’m sure you must be even more impressed with lady bugs after finding out this information but let’s get back to what you came for and that’s learning how to draw a cute lady bug.

Grab a piece of paper, a pencil, and let’s begin.

Reference Image

Our very first step before we even pick up a pencil, it’s to take a second and analyse our lady bug reference.

Lady Bug Drawing Reference

As you can see, this lady bug has a small round body with black spots on them, a line in the middle of the body, as well as an oval-shaped making up the head with another smaller shape for the eyes.

For this drawing, we won’t be following this reference exactly but instead basing our drawing off it.

However, it’s always helpful to know what the structure of a lady bug is like before trying to draw it from imagination.

Steps For Drawing A Lady Bug

Step 1: Draw A Circle

step 1

Begin by drawing a circle like I have done over here. This will make up the body of the lady bug.

You can sketch it a few times before you get the shape that you want.

Of course, if you want to give your lady bug more character, you can try to make your shape curvier towards the bottom rather than having it as a this shape.

Step 2: Draw A Half Circle For The Head

step 2

At the very top of the circle (not exactly in the middle but leaning more towards the right of this drawing, draw a dome shape (half circle).

Step 3: Draw A Smaller Half Circle

how to draw a lady bug step 3

You’ll then want to draw another smaller dome shape for where the eyes and antenna will sit. This will make up the front head portion of the lady bug drawing.

Step 4: Add The Eyes And Antenna

how to draw a lady bug step 4

Lastly, you’ll want to draw a line down the circle of the body of the lady bug and give your drawing eyes at the very first dome shape you had drawn in the last step.

Don’t forget to draw two curved lines, making one longer than the other for the antennas.

Once you have completed this, you can move onto coloring your lady bug drawing.

Final Drawing

how to draw a lady bug

Here is the completed finish of this lady bug drawing. The only thing left is to color the body with a bright red and draw black dots on the entire body.

You’ll also want to add two smaller oval shapes at the top of the body in white as well as the top of the first dome shape. Fill both those shapes in with black and finally add the eyes.

Your lady bug drawing is now complete.

lady bug drawing tutorial


Drawing this lady bug was incredibly fun and they can make a really pretty artwork if you draw more than one.

If you plan to draw a flower or a leaf, then it would be a fantastic idea to include this lady bug drawing which will make the picture more interesting to look at.

Also, if you’re a beginner at drawing and in the stages of learning, there’s quite a bit to learn from with this drawing with its various different shapes being used.

This is a great way to practice your skills by focusing on drawing things that are made up of shapes.

Once you have completed this drawing, you could also challenge yourself to draw the lady bug with its wings open. That will be even more fun!

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