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how to draw a football step by step

How To Draw A Football

A football drawing might be one of the best and simplest drawings to complete as a beginner. I remember a time when I just started exploring my artistic side, I would look for anything to be my subject. A football happened to be one of those. So, in today’s article, I want to share my steps on how to draw a football.

If you were to tell me that the only thing one needs to do in order to draw a football was to draw a circle, you wouldn’t be wrong.

But, that’s not enough.

Most footballs have other shapes to them and in this tutorial, we’ll work on a football drawing that actually has some detail to it.


Like with any drawing tutorial, we need a reference image to recreate. In this case, the following football will work as the perfect subject.

Football drawing reference

As you can tell, this football is made up of different lines and one other shape, a hexagon. These are dispersed all around the ball so keep that in mind when attempting this football drawing.

A few of these hexagons are colored black so we’ll do the same as well. But, let’s save that for later and get started with our football drawing.

Steps For Drawing A Football

Step 1

As you would do drawing any ball, start with a simple and smooth circle.

In this case, make sure that your circle is fairly large so that you don’t have any issues drawing hexagons and lines within it.

Step 2

Now, let’s draw our first hexagon around the center point of our circle. This will allow us to extend outwardly and add more lines as well as shapes.

Step 3

From each point of the hexagon, draw lines that are approximately the same length as the lines of the hexagon itself. Think of it as drawing a spider map.

Step 4

how to draw a football step 4

From each line, draw two lines extending out in opposite directions.

These do not have to be as long as the lines which they are connected to for now.

Step 5

how to draw a football step 5

Extend each of those lines a bit until you can connect them with other vertical lines until you create a collection of hexagons.

Some will be complete whereas others will still be incomplete, particularly towards the left of your football drawing.

Step 6

how to draw a football step 6

Simply add more connecting lines to those empty spaces until you have a plethora of hexagons that are all connected to each other.

Keep in mind that towards the edge of your circle, those lines will appear like incomplete hexagons from this straight-on perspective.

Final Drawing

how to draw a football

Starting with the first and center hexagon, color it in with black or any color that you desire. Leave the hexagons that surround it to be uncolored and then color every alternate hexagon.

This will finally complete our football drawing.

If you would like to be more creative, you can fill in those uncolored portions with a bright or stark color.


I wouldn’t be surprised if this football drawing took you just a few minutes to complete. Either way, it’s a lot of fun and I’m glad that I could share my system of how to draw a football.

If you enjoyed this drawing tutorial, please share it with someone who would like to learn how to draw.

You can also head over to the comment section below and request a drawing that you would like for me to cover in a future article.

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