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how to draw a feather step by step drawing tutorial

How To Draw A Feather (Easy Drawing Tutorial)

Drawing a feather is way easier than it looks and it’s actually a really fun subject to draw as well.

There are many different designs to feathers, some with their feathers all in one and those that have split apart to create a pretty pattern.

You’ll also find more fluffy feathers which are incredibly soft to the touch and then there are those incredibly gorgeous peacock feathers with their bright blue and green patterns.

For this tutorial, we’ll be focusing on learning how to draw a simple feather in just a few steps. You’ll be able to use this drawing for anything and have loads of fun doing so.

The great thing though is that you don’t have to use our exact colors for the feather but you can pick any color that you want your feather to be.

If this sounds good, let’s begin.

Reference Image

In case you need an idea or something to base your drawing off, here’s a reference image that we can use to analyse and identify the important parts.

Feather Drawing Reference

This feather has a long stem and the hairs are mostly curved in an upwards direction, ending in a triangle sort of shape near the top.

Each hair strand has a particular amount of spacing between them that creates a pattern of sorts.

Now that we know this, we can use this information to create our own type of feather drawing.

Steps For Drawing A Feather

Step 1: Draw The Stem

Step 1

To begin your feather drawing, you’ll want to draw two long lines at an angle making sure that they taper off towards the top of the stem but also closing it off at the bottom with a line in an angle.

Step 2: Begin Drawing The Hairs

step 2

Now the next few parts may be slightly more complicated and will require your attention. You can begin drawing the hair strands by starting with the last few strands.

As you can see, they sort of angle away from the stem, and the other one on the right-hand side is curved more in the direction of the stem going upwards.

The next set of strands are drawn in such a way it resembles a sideways V shape. You’ll want to vary the shape and length of the lines for greater interest.

Also, pay closer attention to this pattern as you will use it in the next step.

Step 3: Continue Following The Pattern

how to draw a feather step 3

Continue following the pattern as you had done in the earlier step until you reach the top of the feather. You’ll want to make your lines and shapes more narrow as you reach the top of the stem.

Step 4: Add The Final Details And Color It In

How To Draw A Feather

The last thing you need to do to complete your feather drawing is to finish the last few strands as we have done so here.

You can go ahead and copy the shapes that are already done in this drawing. Once completed, you are ready to shade your drawing in.

I chose to keep things simple and went for a light grey for the stem and blue for the feathers. You can choose any color you like.

If you want to draw this feather in a different position (for example, vertically) you’ll basically follow the same principles as done in this drawing.

feather drawing tutorial


I’m sure you realised how easy it was to draw a feather after following this tutorial but if you did face a few challenges, there’s no need to feel bad.

Just keep trying until you are satisfied with your drawing.

Try to keep things lose and sketch lightly before you ink your drawing.

Also, if you really want your feather drawing to look more detailed, you could always focus more on the shading aspect of the drawing by emphasizing the shadows to create more dimension.

This will no doubt give you what you are looking for.

If you had fun drawing this feather, then I highly recommend you to try out a few of the other drawing tutorials such as the lady bug drawing, butterfly, clownfish, or even this guitar drawing which is just as entertaining!

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