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how to draw a dolphin, step by step

How To Draw A Dolphin (Easy Step By Step Tutorial)

Learn how to draw a dolphin swimming in the ocean with our step by step guide. I’m sure you have already seen many other dolphin drawings either jumping out of the water or just a drawing of a dolphin’s shape but I thought it would be fun to change things up and try something new and interesting.

Dolphins are incredibly cute in so many ways but what I love the most about them is how friendly they are.

There are about 40 different types of dolphin species and their lifespan is quite long too (which is around 50 years) and it’s a blessing to have these adorable mammals around for a long time.

What makes them so interesting is the fact they are not only intelligent but they can even turn off one side of their brain as well as keeping an eye open to make sure all the other dolphins are together.

It’s not a surprise to know that these creatures are well loved by people all over the globe.

With all these fun facts aside, let’s get started on our drawing of a dolphin.


Here’s a reference of the dolphin we’ll be drawing but one thing to note is that we won’t be trying to draw it detail for detail but rather create a drawing that is similar to this but still interesting to look at.

Dolphin Drawing Reference

To give you a quick idea of how we’ll be going about this drawing, we’ll first begin by drawing the head, moving onto the mouth, and then drawing the body, while adding the fins and water details last.

Steps For Drawing A Dolphin

Step 1: Draw The Head

Step 1

Start off by drawing a curved shape like I have done over here. This will be the top of the head of the dolphin.

Step 2: Draw The Body

Step 2

Draw another curved line coming down to indicate the left hand side of the body.

Step 3: Add The Mouth

Step 3

You’ll then want to draw another line at the top of the head and join it to a wavy line to indicate the mouth of the dolphin.

Step 4: Complete Drawing The Mouth And Body

How To Draw A Dolphin Step 4

To close off the mouth shape, draw a line that curves and then matches the first line you had drawn. You should be left with something like this.

Once you have done that, draw another line that curves in and now you’ll be able to see the body of your dolphin coming together.

Step 5: Add The First Fin

How To Draw A Dolphin Step 5

We’ll now move onto the fin part of the drawing. With a little space from the left side of the body, draw two wavy lines as shown above.

Step 6: Draw Another Line To Complete The Fin

How To Draw A Dolphin Step 6

Draw a circle at the top of the head next to the mouth line to indicate the eye. Draw another curved line around that eye shape.

Step 7: Add The Final Details To The Dolphin Drawing

How To Draw A Dolphin

Now all that’s left is to include the final details such as the other fin and the water ripples. To draw the fin, you’ll want to draw a triangle shape and then curve the lines to make it look like the demonstration above.

Then, draw a few wavy lines around the dolphin to indicate the water patterns and your dolphin drawing is now complete.


All that is left to do is add color to your dolphin drawing. It’s not required to do so but you can if you want to make your drawing look more detailed and fun.

I hope you found this tutorial on how to draw a dolphin entertaining and new.

The dolphin in our reference photo is absolutely adorable and I can’t see how anyone can say no to trying to recreate this image.

There are plenty of other tutorials that will show you how to draw a dolphin’s body and even though those are just as great, it’s way more exciting to draw a dolphin in action.

If you like this drawing tutorial, let us know your thoughts below.

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