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how to draw a crown step by step

How To Draw A Crown (Easy Step By Step Tutorial)

I won’t lie to you but drawing a crown can be so difficult and complicated at first. Especially, if you’re trying to draw a crown from an image in your head. This makes the process even more complicated.

But I have really good news for you. I have put together a full detailed step by step tutorial that will show your how to draw a crown that looks gorgeous.

Its pattern may not be simple but I’m sure you will really like how this crown drawing will look at the end.

If this is the first time to draw a crown, no worries because I have laid out an easy way to draw a crown that will break down each section so that you get it right on your first try.

I suggest that you use a pencil first so that you can make adjustments later on if need be.

Now that you know what you’re in for, let’s get started.


Crown Drawing Reference

This is the reference photo we will use to draw a crown.

As you can see, the design is quite complicated so there’s definitely going to be many shapes and lines that will need to be included in this crown drawing.

Steps For Drawing A Crown

Step 1

Draw a curved line for the base of the crown and then draw two short horizontal lines on either side.

Step 2

Then draw a line parallel to the first and then draw two more lines at the top and bottom so that the base looks like this.

Step 3

At the bottom, draw another curved line so that it makes the crown look more dimensional rather than flat.

Step 4

Now it’s time to add the details to the crown and we’ll start at the bottom. Draw two ovals and around it draw this squiggly shape. Then draw a circle next to it and two lines that come down to create this pattern.

Step 5

Draw another oval shape and the next shape to create and complete the first pattern. Then in the middle, draw a tall curved shape.

Step 6

At the top of the shape, draw a circle-like shape so that it looks like this.

Step 7

Then on the left-hand side, draw the first sides of the crown by drawing two sets of curved lines like this.

Step 8

Now draw two more curved lines that join to the circle shape at the top. These lines should also connect to the lines on the left side as well.

Step 9

How to draw a crown step 9

Draw another matching curved line to the previous two and join it to the middle shapes as well.

Step 10

How to draw a crown step 10

Next, we’ll draw the right side of the crown. From the middle line, draw two curved lines that join to the pattern at the bottom.

Step 11

How to draw a crown step 11

Draw two more curved lines so that we can see the inside of this side of the crown.

Step 12

How to draw a crown step 12

From the middle shape, draw one more curved line next to the previous lines and allow it to join the pattern at the bottom.

Step 13

How to draw a crown step 13

Now we’ll move on to adding some of the details that you will see on the crown like the pearls. You can do this by drawing a row of circles on the crown.

Step 14

How to draw a crown step 14

To finish off this crown drawing, you’ll want to then draw the gems at the base of the crown. Once you do this, you can then color your drawing in or leave it as is.

You can also go ahead and draw a few more gemstones or pearls to make our crown look more custom.


Drawing this crown was so much fun and I’m definitely happy with how the final drawing turned out. I also feel it will look amazing with some pretty colors thrown in here and there.

But more than how this drawing looks, it was an interesting subject despite it being slightly complicated to draw.

Which is why I wanted to make sure that this tutorial on how to draw a crown will be easy enough for you to follow along with me to draw this.

So, did you find this drawing guide easy? And did you like how it came out? If the answer is yes, don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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