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how to draw a crow step by step

How To Draw A Crow

Crows get a bad rap, especially in horror movies. I find them to be quite magnificent looking birds and I feel like they would make a great subject for a drawing. And so, in today’s tutorial, I’m going to share my step-by-step guide on how to draw a crow.

Here’s what I can tell you with certainty, if you learn how to draw one kind of bird, you’ll be able to draw all of them. That’s pretty cool because there are so many different species that you’ll never run out of subjects to draw.

In this crow drawing, I think the most effective route to completion would be to start from the beak which is an endpoint and then work our way through the rest of its body.

Let’s keep this simple and as efficient as possible.

Trust me when I tell you that planning out your drawing will save you from a lot of mistakes and unnecessary set back.

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s get straight into this tutorial on how to draw a crow.


In most of my tutorials, I include a reference image so that you can print it out and physically line your image section by section.

This was how I learnt how to draw as a beginner until I developed enough skills to draw anything from imagination or memory.

Crow Drawing Reference

The wonderful thing about this crow drawing is that most of the lines are smooth and connected to each other.

As long as you follow along with the steps below, you should be able to finish it without many mistakes, if any at all.

Steps For Drawing A Crow

Step 1

Let’s begin with our crow drawing by constructing the beak. Start with a rounded line that would look like an incomplete rainbow.

Towards the bottom, connect another line that curves outwardly from a cm after it connects to the tip.

Add another inner line along to complete the beak.

Step 2

Add a fairly straight but slanted line down from the beak approximately a cm before the beak ends.

At the top, add a rounded line that curves downwards until both your upper and lower line are more or less parallel to each other.

Let’s also draw it’s eye. This more or less a circle but within it, you want to leave a small portion uncolored to represent light and the iris.

Step 3

Extend both of these lines outwardly. The lower beak line curves in and the upper line follow the opposite path.

These lines must spread further away from each other as you extend them, specifically the upper line which makes up the back.

Step 4

Extend the upper/back line until it can curve into a cluster of feathers. The portion that curves should not be smooth because you’re going to add feathers to it.

So, add some curvature to this portion of your drawing.

Step 5

How to draw a crow step 5

Birds have really compact and small feet with legs. They’re relatively thin as well.

Think of drawing an upside-down T and doubling your line to complete the leg and foot.

Add a pointy or sharp edge to either side of the feet.

Step 6

How to draw a crow step 6

As you can tell, both legs and feet are slanted towards the left because of the perspective in the reference image.

Follow the same steps you did above except, draw the leg closest to you slightly longer and thicker.

Step 7

How to draw a crow step 7

We’ve reached the point in our crow drawing where the basic structure is complete and all we really have to do is add details.

Let’s draw some feathers starting with the tail end.

Add a few lines from all the points that stick out of the curve at the bottom of the tail.

To draw the wing, start with one slanted line from the body that slightly curls halfway to the center of the body. At the point of each curl, add vertical lines.

These lines do not have to end at the same point.

Step 8

How to draw a crow step 8

Repeat the steps above except, connect your line to the wing above and make sure that this layer is thinner.

Step 9

How to draw a crow step 9

Add two more feathers in the shape of long lines that round and connect to the side of the body. And with that, your crow drawing is now complete.


The problem coloring in this drawing is that most crows are black and so are the lines.

This will take away from some of the details so I suggest opting for a dark grey and use a black marker to highlight your lines.

I really hope you enjoyed this guide on how to draw a crow. If so, please check out some of the other drawings that I have linked below.

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