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how to draw a cherry step by step

How To Draw A Cherry (5 Simple And Easy Steps For Beginners)

One of my very first attempts at drawing was a cherry and it actually turned out well. This was great for my confidence at the time because I wasn’t sure if I could draw to save my life. Given that this is one of my favorite drawings for beginners, I want to share my step-by-step guide on how to draw a cherry.

If you look closely at a cherry, it resembles an apply, does it not?

Other than the stem being longer, it’s pretty identical so if you already know how to draw an apple, then this will be relatively easy for you.

With that being said, let’s jump straight into this beginners guide on how to draw a cherry.


For this tutorial, we will be using the following reference image to sketch our cherries. The reason for selecting this image is to distinguish this drawing from that of other berries that could closely resemble that of a cherry.

Thus, two cherries tied together will make this as distinct as possible.

Cherry Drawing Reference

From what we can observe, the shape of each cherry is not perfectly round which means that our lines don’t have to conform to a fluid outline. Even the stem can be altered to look more flimsy by curving them towards the top.

Steps For Drawing A Cherry

Step 1

Step 1

Let’s begin this cherry drawing by sketching two similar-sized circles. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfectly symmetrical because it’s not meant to be that way, unlike an orange or a tire.

This will make both of your cherries appear to look more realistic.

Step 2

Step 2

For this step, we need to first construct the connection for the stems.

Based on our reference image above, we can assert that one is more visible than the other based on the positioning of the cherries. So, on the left cherry, draw two lines that are about half a cm or less away from each other in a semi-circle.

Connect both ends of your line.

On the second, simply draw a curved line that connects to the actual base line.

Step 3

Step 3

Now, let’s begin to draw the stems. Each stem should be about half a cm in width.

Too thick and your proportions will look weird and inaccurate. On the left image, begin each line of your stem from the endpoint of the inner semi-circle that’s slanted to the right.

On your left cherry, simply draw two lines that are slightly curved to the right that is connected to the inner curved line.

Step 4

how to draw a cherry step 4

Keep drawing your lines until they curve towards each other and eventually meet. The two lines that are closest to each other should meet and connect into one line.

This will depict a connection between the stems.

Step 5

how to draw a cherry step 5

Lastly, we need to draw the rope that ties the stems together.

Given that it wraps around the stems, all we need to do is create curved lines of varying thickness. I tried replicating the amount in the reference image but I found it to look a bit too messy or cluttered for this drawing.

Final Drawing

how to draw a cherry

To complete this cherry drawing, let’s add some finishing touches by drawing the end to your stem as well as two messy rectangles to your cherries that will represent lighting.

When coloring in your cherry, you can use these rectangle bases as a guideline for how light will reflect on your cherry and shade it accordingly.

For the stem, use a light shade of green and for the cherry, use a rich red in the center of your cherries followed by a darker red towards the bottom edges to create some shadows.

Towards the light reflection, opt for a light pink that blends into a white.

Use a light or sand brown for the rope that ties the stems together.

cherry drawing tutorial


I’m willing to bet that you’ll be able to draw cherries in under 10 minutes following the step-by-step guide above. Practice this drawing a few times and you’ll be able to master it in no time.

If you’d like, you can add more cherries to this drawing that are all tied together.

With that being said, I really hope you enjoyed this guide on how to draw a cherry.

Please feel free to comment below and request a drawing you would like for me to cover.

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