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how to draw a caterpillar

How To Draw A Caterpillar Step By Step

Caterpillars are quite interesting creatures despite how they look. They are known to have six true legs and six pair of eyes but what’s even more surprising is that they don’t have any lungs.

Most caterpillars generally look the same with varying patterns but the way they move and climb plants are similar. There’s a lot to learn about caterpillars and I do recommend that you check them out sometime.

But I’m sure you’re here to learn how to draw a caterpillar for now. And that’s exactly what we will be doing in this drawing guide.

I will show you an easy step by step process to draw a catepillar that is climbing a plant.

All you need is a pencil and a few color pencils at the end. Let’s get started.


Caterpillar Drawing Reference

This is the reference we will use to draw a caterpillar. To give you a quick idea of how we will go about it, we will start by drawing the top (the head) and then move down to drawing the rest of the caterpillars body.

Steps For Drawing A Caterpillar

Step 1

Step 1

Start by drawing a curved shape like this. At the top of this shape, draw another curved shape that joins to this line and then another smaller shape to the one you had just drawn.

Step 2

Step 2

Continue drawing these curved shapes until you create about three rows. Then draw two parallel lines in an angle for the plant that it is climbing up on.

Step 3

How To Draw A Caterpillar Step 3

Now draw 4 more of these round shapes and make them vary in size as it reaches the bottom. Don’t forget to include the rest of the stem of the branch.

Step 4

How To Draw A Caterpillar Step 4

Now all you need to do is to draw a few smaller curved shapes to create the tail end of the caterpillar. Once you do this, your drawing of a caterpillar is now completed.

You may go ahead and draw the pattern on the caterpillar as shown in the reference or you can simply keep it like this. If you want to take it one step further, add some color to your caterpillar to make it even more interesting.


Was it easy and simple learning how to draw a caterpillar for the first time? I hope you did find this process enjoyable and fun to follow along with.

Also, don’t forget to let us know how your caterpillar turned out. Leave your suggestions as to how you would have gone about it differently.

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