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How to draw carrot step by step

How To Draw A Carrot in 4 Easy Steps

Are you looking to draw something unique and cute? Then drawing this carrot will be a perfect choice and it’s also fantastic to use this drawing for Easter.

The great thing about drawing carrots is that there aren’t that many details you need to add and the shape is pretty simple enough so that anyone can draw it.

You can do a lot with this specific carrot drawing and even create an entire scene, something like a bunny carrying a basket full of these carrots.

Whatever purpose you need this drawing for, here’s an awesome tutorial that will show you how to draw a carrot in just 4 simple steps.

I’ll also show you how to go about filling your drawing with color to make it look a bit more 3D and unique.

If that sounds good, let’s get drawing!

Reference Image

Like always, it’s best to start analysing your drawing before you get started and if you’ve seen any of our previous drawings before, then you know how helpful it is to do this step.

Carrot Drawing Reference

When looking at cthese arrots, you can immediately point out the obvious shapes. It has a long body (or short in some cases) that curves in a few places and tapers off at the very end.

The carrot also has a long stem with many tiny leaves. You’ll also notice that the body of the carrot has a few lines.

Now that we know the important details regarding drawing a carrot, we can begin our very first steps.

Steps For Drawing A Carrot

Step 1: Draw The Top Of The Carrot

How To Draw A Carrot Step 1

In an angle, you’ll want to begin by drawing a slanted curved shape. Once you have done that, follow with another smaller curved shape in the middle of that previous shape on top.

Step 2: Draw In The Body

How To Draw A Carrot Step 2

You’ll then want to continue drawing a line down on either side of that shape making sure it’s slightly wavy in certain areas and drawing it in a way that taper’s off towards the end. Draw another curved shape that looks like a tail.

If you want to color the ‘tail’ part in, then try to draw it where you leave the space in between that shape.

Step 3: Add The Stems

You’re almost done with this carrot drawing tutorial and all that’s left is the stem.

To draw this, you’ll want to draw interconnecting lines to create the stems as we have done above. When you have finished this step, continue drawing those lines up and make it smaller the further they go.

Step 4: Finish Off With The Details

How To Draw A Carrot Step 4

Now it”s time for the final details and that’s adding the leaves to the stem. Here you can choose how long you would like the entire stem part to be but here I chose to make them smaller.

Either way, long or short, this carrot drawing will still look amazing.

To draw the leaves, start drawing shorter and thinner lines in different directions to give it more character and you can draw additional lines to make it seem like they are branching out.

Once you have done this, your line drawing of the carrot is complete and you can move onto coloring it if you please.

Final Drawing

Carrot Drawing Tutorial

Was this drawing fun? It sure was for me when I was drawing it to create this easy tutorial. The coloring part was even more fun and it sort of brought out this drawing a bit more for me.

When shading this carrot drawing, you’ll only have to use a few colors, orange and green.

If you’re coloring it with color pencils then, on the left-hand side of the body, shade it with yellow all the way down to the end, and then go over it with an orange color pencil for the rest of the body.

Make sure to shade the top of the carrot darker and the right hand side a bit darker as well as the middle.

For the stems, I just went over the lines with a light green although you can shade it with various greens if you want a closer look to the reference.

carrot drawing tutorial


I hope you found this tutorial on how to draw a carrot helpful and you were able to follow along easily.

The best part about drawing this carrot is that you get to build up your collection of vegetable doodles but more so, drawing things like this carrot are just relaxing and fun.

If you haven’t tried the broccoli drawing tutorial yet, you might want to check that one out too.

Before I sign off, I would love to hear what you thought of this drawing and also share your plans on what you are going to use this for.

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