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how to draw a birdhouse step by step

How To Draw A Birdhouse (Full Step By Step Instructions)

Birdhouses have always enchancted me. I love the idea that you can make something from scratch and hang it up in your yard as a place for different birds to stop bye for a small snack before they depart onto their next adventure.

Just the other day, I was looking at a few birds that stopped by and it really inspired me to capture the moment. Which led me to this specific drawing of a birdhouse.

If you would like to learn how to draw a birdhouse step by step to plan out your design or if you just want to learn how to draw one, then here’s an easy tutorial to follow.

Its design is simple yet still quite interesting at the same. There are plenty of birdhouse designs that one can try making and if you are interested in making your own, this one is great for beginners as well.

If you’re ready to get started, grab a pencil and a ruler and let’s begin.


Birdhouse Drawing Reference

Before we begin, let’s take a second to study our reference image. For this drawing tutorial, we will be drawing a birdhouse such as this.

There are a few slanted lines and triangles in this structure but there are also two circles of different sizes on this birdhouse.

We will begin by drawing the roof of the birdhouse, moving onto the house itself, then the opening of the birdhouse, and lastly adding the stand at the bottom.

Steps For Drawing A Birdhouse

Step 1

Begin by drawing two triangles like shown above except that you do not need to draw the bottom lines. Make sure to adjust your triangle accordingly.

Step 2

Then you should start drawing the body of the birdhouse. To do this, draw two slanted lines that are come from either end of the inside of the triangle you had drawn.

Step 3

Extend these lines further down to a length that you feel is right. Here you can change your drawing if you feel like you want to add your own design to it. Otherwise, make this lines longer than the height of the roof.

Step 4

Head back up to the roof and add another two lines that slant away matching the triangle lines from before.

Be sure to leave a bit of space between those two and also close off those triangle lines but drawing a short line to create a shape like this.

Step 5

Now you will want to add another line to join the triangle to the other line you had drawn. Do this on both ends so that we successfully acquire the shape of the roof.

Step 6

How To Draw A Birdhouse Step 6

Head over to the top of the birdhouse and draw a large circle. You can find the center first and then move it a bit upwards to find the placement.

Step 7

How To Draw A Birdhouse Step 7

Then leave a bit of space below that circle and draw a much smaller circle. There should be a good distance between the two.

Step 8

How To Draw A Birdhouse Step 8

Now we can draw the stand of this birdhouse. To do this, draw two parallel lines but if you need to know the how wide it should be, you can match it to the lines that are directly above it.

Step 9

How To Draw A Birdhouse Step 9

Now all that is left to do is to make the stand look like it has dimension. To do this, draw a line to make it seem like a square to the body.

You should be left with something like this. Hop on over to the other side and do the exact same thing.

Step 10

Birdhouse Drawing

Your birdhouse drawing is now complete. If you would like to color it in as we had done, you may do so.

You don’t need to choose the exact same colors as I have or like the color in the refence, you can easily choose to make this birdhouse drawing any color you think will make your drawing even better.

For this drawing, I’ve chosen to leave the roof plain but made the birdhouse a shade of blue. For the hole, I used a really dark shade of blue and a lighter shade of blue for the smaller circle.

And that’s all there is to drawing a birdhouse.


Learning how to draw a birdhouse is much easier than other drawing tutorials. For this one, you can easily make your own drawing look really close to the original image since you can use a ruler to measure and adjust the lines if you want.

Once you get the first part of the drawing done, the rest is quite easy and straightforward.

But I have to say that once you add the final details to any drawing, this is what can really pick up a drawing and make it look its best provided that the rest of your drawing has a resemblance to the reference.

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