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how to draw a bird step by step

How To Draw A Bird Step By Step (Best Drawing Tutorial)

The one thing I love to draw the most is birds. Not only are they beautiful creatures, but they’re also overall shape, sizes, and colors are what makes them so interesting to draw as a subject.

Even birds that aren’t quite that good looking can still make an interesting drawing.

Whichever bird it may be that you really want to draw, this particular one is a good place to start if you’ve never been able to draw a bird before.

For this step-by-step drawing tutorial, we’ll be focusing mainly on capturing the overall shape of the bird in hopes of creating a likeness.

You can go into detail for this drawing if you would like but for the time being, let’s focus on the important areas of drawing a bird.


Here is the reference image of the bird that we’ll be drawing today.

This bird is quite attractive but as you can see, it’s overall shape is small and cute.

We’ll start off our drawing by focusing on the head area, moving down towards the body and the wings and then drawing the legs of the bird.

Now that you have a good idea of the process, grab a pen and pencil and let’s get started.

Steps For Drawing A Bird

Step 1

To begin drawing a bird, start by sketching out the beak. You’ll want to draw a triangle shape with a line in the middle making the bottom line slightly curved.

Step 2

Now move onto drawing the head by adding a curved line from the middle of the beak as shown over here.

Step 3

Somewhere in the middle of that shape, go ahead and draw an almond shape for the eye. You can leave a white space for the reflection.

Step 4

As shown in the reference, this bird has a bit of black spots on it especially on the head. Draw a jagged line from the beak to the eye and the eye to the head and fill it in with black.

Step 5

Now create a triangle shape at the bottom of the beak and join it to the other side of the head. It should look like something like this.

Step 6

To draw the body of the bird, draw two lines that curve inwards as done over here.

Step 7

On the right side, draw the feather by extending the line you had just drawing but making it more shapely. A little inwards from that point draw another line that angles towards that direction and joins off with the line you had just made.

Step 8

how to draw a bird step 8

Continue adding details to the ffeather by drawing a variety of lines. At the top, draw a few lines that more curved towards the end and the lines that are closer to the end of the feather should be straight.

Step 9

how to draw a bird step 9

To draw the other feather, draw two lines that go outwards making sure it is quite long. Then draw at least two more lines to indicate the details of the feather.

Step 10

how to draw a bird step 10

The next step is to continue drawing the body of the bird and you can do this by joining that line you had drawn a few steps earlier and making it more curved towards the bottoms but straightening out as it joins the feathers.

Step 11

how to draw a bird step 11

To draw the feet of the birds, draw two sets of lines making the second leg shorter and straighter than the first.

Step 12

how to draw a bird step 12

You’ll then want to continue drawing these rough lines to create the pointed feet shape and your bird drawing is now completed.

If you want to color in your bird like the reference, you can use a few shades of light yellow, blues, and purples to make it similar to the reference otherwise this drawing looks fantastic on it’s own as well.


Are you satistfied with learning how to draw a bird? I’m sure you might have a found a few parts easy and some slightly harder but if you keep pushing and trying, you’ll soon get the hang of drawing birds on your own.

I found that this bird was really fun and enjoyable to draw. It’s overall shape is quite simple but that’s what makes it so adorable.

If you had loads of fun drawing this bird, then I highly suggest you try out these other interesting drawing tutorials that will show you step-by-step details on each and every one of them.

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