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how to create a vision board

How To Create A Vision Board That Works ( Also For A Bullet Journal)

Having goals, dreams, and ideas are easy. Anyone can do it. But actually following through with them? Yeah, that’s not as easy as you thought it was, right?

After an endless amount of trial and error, I finally found a system that keeps the motivation high and drive to succeed running. That is with the help of vision boards. With a simple yet effective way of visualizing, you’ll be able to knock off all those to-do items and goals off your list by creating a collage of images, pictures, and sayings that inspire you. 

Let’s take a look at the positive outcomes of having a vision board in your notebook or bullet journal and how to create one that will suit your every need.

What Is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collection of images, pictures, quotes, sayings, and ideas that are displayed on a page or board of all your goals, dreams, and ambitions.

It serves as a powerful means of motivation and inspiration to find clarity and focus while acting as the driving force to attain goals with the help of the law of attraction. 

Different Types of Vision Boards To Try

1. All in One

This is the overall vision board that has all your goals and dreams in one place. It can range from getting your dream job, traveling the world, buying a new brand name bag and shoes, life path, meditation, etc.

2. Separate Goals

These vision boards are more goal-orientated for specific outcomes. There is a definite separation between each category focusing on one specific goal. For example, a page dedicated only to relationships or money and success, or just traveling the world.

Do I Really Need A Vision Board? 

If you’re wondering as to whether a vision board is really necessary to have in a bullet journal, it depends. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine if you really need a bullet journal vision board:

  • How many goals have you achieved last year or in previous years?
  • Were you able to keep up with that drive to complete what you started?
  • How long did the motivation last?
  • Did you often feel confused and demotivated to continue while working on a project?
  • Did you forget the reason why you began your goal?

If your answer is yes to any of these answers (it could be just one or more than that) then creating a vision board will be the best thing you’ve done yet. 

What Supplies Will I Need?

Depending on what you’ll be including in your vision board, you’ll need a few basic supplies:

  1. Pens, markers, highlighters, brush pens
  2. Glue to stick the pictures
  3. Pictures from magazines, cutouts, printouts
  4. Glitter, stickers, post-it notes, washi tape (optional)

You’ll be able to find all of these craft supplies in a dollar store, at Office Depot, Walmart, Target, or any craft and stationery store near you.

How To Make A Vision Board

Now that you’re ready to tackle the main part, flip over to a brand new two-page spread in your bullet journal and we’re ready to begin with creating the perfect visual of the things you want to achieve in life.

Step 1: Think about your goals and what your mission is

The first thing you need to do before you get started with designing your vision board is to stop and think about your goals for a second.

What is the thing you want to accomplish the most? What are your dreams and aspirations? Is there something that you want to accomplish in the next six months, a year, or in a few years?

Do you want to get that dream job, house, car, happiness?

Write them down on a page so that when you’re looking for images, this will be easier to narrow down what your whole mission is.

Step 2: Pre Plan Your Vision Board

Grab a sheet of paper and roughly sketch out where you want what to go. This will give you a good idea of where certain things should be rather than sticking something only to find it would have looked better.

With pre-planning, you can also structure your vision board in a way that will work for you. Another thing is that you can play around with different designs just to get an idea of how amazing your vision board will look once it’s done. 

Having a draft of something is always beneficial towards the outcome!

Step 3: Collect various images that suit your vision

Now that you have an idea of the things that you want in life (or your ideal future), it’s time for the fun part.

Look through magazines, pictures, or even Pinterest and Instagram to find images that speak to you. That calls out to you and makes you excited to get started on accomplishing your goals.

If it’s that dream beach house you really want, look for pictures online. You can also find pictures of furniture and ornaments that you would want to decorate that dream house with. 

Step 4: Place your biggest ambition first on the page

The great thing about a vision board is that you can have multiple dreams to aim for. You’re not restricted in any way and you can, of course, have smaller dreams that can be accomplished must sooner than the others. 

But if there’s ONE dream that’s your life purpose (to become an actress, singer, get that dream job, beach house, travel to a new country, whatever it is), make that picture the biggest from them all and stick it on the page first.

You’ll want to tell yourself that this is the most important one from all and you’ll be mentally setting your priorities straight.

Step  5: Continue to add images and sayings that inspire you

Now that you’ve placed all your images and pictures, it’s time to add some inspirational journal quotes and sayings that mean a lot to you.

These quotes will spark a fire in you when you’re at the point of giving up to soon. It will be a reminder (besides the images) or a little nudge to get you going again.

Anything that inspires you, write to them or paste them in your journal, because words are just as powerful as images when it comes to visualization. 

Step 6: Fill up the blank spaces with accessories

Okay, so we’re almost completed with our bullet journal vision board but if you’re up to it, there’s always a way to fill up and blank spaces on the page. 

Use stickers, glitter, stars, or even washi tape to decorate your pages. This will make your vision board look cute and trendy while giving it an extra glamorous appeal to it. 

Don’t worry about making any mistakes, there are plenty of ways to fix bullet journal mistakes that will make it seem like it was never there!

Vision Board Ideas To Try (For More Specific Goals) 

1. Holiday Inspired Board

Planning a holiday any time soon? Or maybe you’re itching to visit your dream destination? Create a vision board like this one.

Stick a few pictures of that specific place, write a cute saying in a fancy font at the top, and a small checklist of the places you want to visit or the things you want to try over there.

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This particular bullet journal vision board is making really want to travel during the winter to these places!

2. Fashion Inspired Mood Board

A vision board doesn’t only have to be about accomplishing actual dreams for the future but you can use it to create an inspirational fashion board.

Maybe you want to upgrade your wardrobe with better clothes? Create a dream spread of your clothes and fashion styles you’re absolutely in love with.


Other Ways To Create Vision Boards

Having a vision journal in your bullet journal isn’t the only way. There are various ways to make a vision journal:


Here you can use a large sheet of paper or cardboard to make your vision board. You can decide on the size of it or how many goals you want to place on it. This can also be displayed on your wall or office.


how to make a corkboard vision board
Image Source: morningcoffeewithdee

Corkboards are perfect if you don’t want to stick your pictures down forever like how Morning Coffee With Dee created this gorgeous one above.

It’s a great way to reuse these boards as well since all you need to do is pin your images to the boards.

If you ever want to revisit your goals and change them, simply swop the images for a new one. 

They’re also a fantastic way to improve the appeal of your room decor and you can further decorate these boards with string lights. 


If you want to create a smaller vision board, use the backing cardboard of a frame and design your vision. Once you’re done, choose a pretty frame to either mount it on your bedroom or office wall.

How To Use A Vision Board To Attain Your Dreams

By now, you should be wondering how to use a vision board to activate the Law of Attraction? Well, it’s pretty simple and straightforward to manifest your dreams:  

1. Display it 

Make sure to open up your bullet journal to where you created your vision board at least once a day to act as a reminder of what you’re working towards and what you hope to achieve with the hard work that you’re putting in.

You can also display your vision board next to your computer, desk, living room, or wherever you’re working so you can always glance at it every few minutes or when need be.

2. Connect With It

Feel excited every time you look at your vision board. If you have to, focus on a specific item and close your eyes and imagine that you’ve achieved these goals and hold onto those feelings.

3. Feel Positive

One thing that is most important is to feel positive about these dreams and goals. Remove those negative and self-doubt thoughts that will get in your way from making these dreams come true.

Hold onto the belief that the things you want are already there for you. It’s just a matter of time.

4. Use Affirmations

Make use of affirmations to confirm that these things will happen and manifest in life. Make use to use positive affirmations to achieve these goals and step out of your comfort zone.

Related Topics

Where Can I Find Inspiration and Motivational Things To Add? You can find inspiration and motivation in everything around you. Be it a voucher, a picture in a magazine, a poster on a wall, a page from a book, it’s everywhere.

However, the best and easiest way to find things that inspire me is on the internet. Sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and even a few quick Google searches will help you find inspirational things in minutes. 

How Do I Make a Vision Board Stick Long Term? The best way is to make sure you revisit these goals as often as you can. Over time, our interest and likes changes and so do our goals.

Keep updating your vision board with new ideas, goals, and inspiration that will suit the time and experiences you currently facing.

Also be sure to actively use this bullet journal whenever you’re feeling scared, anxious, lost, or frustrated and remember this vision board when you DO manifest your goals and dreams to reinforce that good thing do happen and you are in charge of your future. 

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