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How Much Does a Bullet Journal Cost?

Bullet Journals are relatively on the cheap side depending on the type of page quality you’re looking for. You can easily get a journal that costs anywhere between $8 – $19, however there are many factors to take into account.

If you’re only a beginner at bullet journaling and just want to get a taste and feel of it, then opting for a cheaper bullet journal is recommended. However, there are downsides to this.

Some journals unfortunately leave terrible pen leaks where you can’t use the other end of the page. Also, with these journals, you’ll notice a drastic difference in color and texture of the paper.

This does not mean they aren’t as good as a journal on the expensive or cheaper side.

There are many benefits to using a cheaper bullet journal (there are even ones which are better!) but if you’re looking to take a bullet journal serious and your aim is to explore your artistic side, we’ve put together a list discussing which journals are best to go.

Here are the best bullet journals you can buy:

Here’s a quick breakdown of the best bullet journals to buy so you can have an idea of the price before we get into detail of each brand to help you make a better decision.

Please note: Prices are subject to change.

Brand Price
Pagerage $7
Dotted Grid Journal $8
iBayam $9
Moleskine $16
Leuchtturm1917 $19

1. Pagerage

This one was the first bullet journal I bought that is cheap and a good alternative to most expensive journals.

You can easily get one for around $7-8 and they come in a range of colors (yellow, blue, black, white, green, and red) with a leather cover.

The only thing to note is that will be experience a slight page bleed but if you do end up with big bleeds, there are plenty of ways to fix bullet journal mistakes.

Page Count:
Page Grade:
128 dotted pages
100 gsm

Not recommended for watercolor unless it’s light washes.

2. Dotted Grid Journal

This brand is called Poluma and it has a soft faux leather cover that comes in four gorgeous different colors (dark gray, brown, navy, orange).

It’s ideal for traveling or sketching with a rich cream white colored pages that are not numbered and that is just as smooth as a Moleskin journal.

The good thing about this journal is that it’s unlikely you’ll experience page bleeds if you use gel pens.

Page Count:
Page Grade:
128 dotted pages
160 gsm

This journal can hold a fair amount of watercolor however you will experience bleeds if there is too much.

3. iBayam

This journal is perfect for markers and pens but it’s recommended to avoid using wet media. It’s paper is thick enough to withstand ink but be careful when it comes to using watercolor.

The only downside to this brand is that this bullet journal is available only in Black.

If you’re looking to be serious when it comes to bullet journaling, I wouldn’t recommend this one too much since there are ones that are better but if you’re just looking for something that’s quick and easy, then this one is worth giving a shot.

Page Count:
Page Grade:
128 dotted pages
120 gsm

4. Moleskine

This one and the next are two of the most popular brands that are recommended and trusted by many artists.

With over 4000+ reviews on Amazon, this bullet journal can be used to plan, take notes, or even sketch.

It comes in various different colors and sizes depending on what you need. However, due to the thickness of the paper, it’s NOT recommended if you want to be colorful with the use of markers.

You’d rather choose one of the above journals if you plan to draw and create colorful spreads.

Page Count:
Page Grade:
240 dotted pages (large)
70 gsm

5. Leuchtturm1917

This bullet journal is flat lay in which the journal will stay open that’s perfect for drawing and writing.

You’ll have to be a bit careful with this one. Some love it and some hate it but it’s one of the most expensive bullet journals you’ll come across.

It’s paper is a little more on the thin side.

Page Count:
Page Grade:
249 dotted pages
80 gsm


So, there you have it. Five of the best and most popular bullet journals you’ll find but do take into account that there are other journals you can try beside these five.

Personally, I feel like the cheaper journals have more to offer than the expensive ones in terms of color, paper, and paper weight.

Everyone’s taste is different so what may work for me, may not work for you.

Keep experimenting and try new things to discover what suits you best.

All in all, any of these bullet journals are worth buying if you’re only starting now.

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