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14 Best Bullet Journal Galaxy Spreads

How often do you browse Instagram for now other reason but to just stare and drool over bullet journal spreads? You won’t believe this but I do this nearly every single day.

It’s impossible to tear your eyes away from the gorgeous spreads that people create and it’s a fantastic way to improve your own bullet journal.

But there’s one particular bujo spread that I love to bits. That is? Galaxy spreads.

Yes, they are a little hard if you’re attempting to draw them in your own bullet journal but these galaxy spreads are just stunning!

If you’re like me and obsessed with bullet journal galaxy-themed spreads, let me just warn you: these spreads will seriously blow your mind.

So, go ahead and enjoy this massive collection of galaxy spread ideas because once you’re done, you won’t be able to stop yourself from stealing a few ideas here and there for your own bullet journal.

1. Savings

2. Weekly Blue Spread

3. May Spread

4. Pretty Galaxy Spread

5. Adorable Cover Spread

6. Clouds and Rocket Doodles

7. More Space Doodles

8. Stars

9. Self Care Mindmap

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