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how to draw an umbrella step by step umbrella doodles

Cute Umbrella Doodles: How To Draw An Umbrella

Finding good doodles to make your bullet journal spreads look fun and creative is important, especially when you’ve been journaling for some time. These umbrella doodles are a great way to incorporate into your designs whether that’s for a beach-themed spread or as a mood tracker. 

Here we’ll be showing you a step by step tutorial on how to draw an umbrella so that your u can create unique spreads that will make journaling exciting again.

It doesn’t matter if you’re good at drawing or not, our detailed steps will guide you through every line and curve that needs to be drawn.

In fact, this particular umbrella doodle can be done in just 3 quick and easy steps!

So grab your pen, pencils, markers, and journal to draw these fun umbrellas. 

Step 1

how to draw an umbrella step 1

You’ll first want to start off by drawing the curved shape. This will be the center of the umbrella. Next up, join another line on either side of that shape. I bet you can already start to see the shape taking place.  

Step 2

Next up, draw another curved lined to join the other two previous lines you had just done. Once that’s completed, you’ll then want to join the top point with a curved lined on either side.

Continue drawing upside down ‘u’ and make sure to leave a tiny bit of space for the handle.

Once that’s done, draw another line coming down but curving at the end. Don’t forget about the shape at the top as well.

Step 3

Finally, you’ll want to draw another line to match that one until you end up with something that looks like this and you’re done!

Now it’s time to fill this drawing in with your chosen colors or you could even give the umbrella a patterned look. It’s really up to you!

Umbrella Doodle Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

If you enjoyed drawing the umbrella doodle above, then here are a few more ideas from other artists that I think you will find absolutely adorable.

The first one is by Miya over at Instagram and she designed these 5 cutest umbrellas that you can use in your spreads. My absolute favorite is the frog one but you can make use of all of these throughout your journal.

umbrella doodles how to draw an umbrealla

But that’s not all!

Here’s a fantastic weekly spread that is completely umbrella themed by Crafter Pillar over at Instagram that just goes to show that using umbrellas in your spreads can really turn out great.

umbrella doodles bullet journal spread (1)


The great thing about learning how to draw with online resources is that you get to take your time and able to revisit them as much as you need to. 

When drawing doodles, there’s no need to be perfect in every single line or shape and you don’t need to have an overall perfect image. As long as it turns out looking cute, that’s all that matters.

So, was this tutorial on how to draw an umbrella useful to you?

Let us know how yours turned out in the comments below or what’s your plan for using these adorable umbrella doodles!

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