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Christmas Doodles For December Everyone Will Love

christmas doodles, easy christmas doodles, bullet journal christmas doodles

Your December spreads will never look boring with these special Christmas doodles anyone can draw.

If you want to jazz things up and make your journal look fantastic, I highly suggest you try a few of these ideas we’ve collected before.

One thing is for sure, you’ll totally be in the mood and ready to celebrate Christmas after scrolling through these ideas.

So, take your time and pick a few that stand out the most to you or you could just add them throughout your monthly spread!

The great thing about our collection of Christmas doodles is that they’re super easy to draw and there’s also detailed step by step tutorials if you’re not fond of drawing.

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Christmas doodles, easy christmas doodles, bullet journal christmas doodles

Idea via Instagram

Christmas is the best time to be creative with bullet journal spreads and if you’ve been wondering how to make your spreads look good, then here’s a step by step tutorial showing you how to draw adorable Christmas doodles that will fit right in anywhere in your journal.

Ever wonder how to draw those incredible snowflakes? Here are three easy ways to so.

Don’t concentrate on the details but rather sketch the lines out first to get an accurate shape. This will make it much easier to decorate these snowflakes.

Sometimes just having a full spread with Christmas doodles can really enhance the feel of your journal and make it less standard.

Here’s a full spread with various types of doodles you can draw from hearts, stars, ornaments, gift boxes, and more.

If you want to go all out for Christmas, then having a bucket list is an absolute must! Here’s an adorable way to do so that may spark a few ideas to try this Holiday.

Christmas doodles, easy christmas doodles, bullet journal christmas doodles, december spreads

Idea via Well Ella

This is a great way to introduce the month of December with this cover that’s filled with tiny Christmas themed doodles.

Sketch out a circle in pencil before you start and this will give you a good guideline while you draw the doodles so that the shape remains.

Christmas doodles, easy christmas doodles, bullet journal christmas doodles

Idea via Bujo Abby

This step by step tutorial will definitely be a huge help if you want to learn how to doodle.

Here you have an easy snowman, Christmas tree, bells, and snowflake that will only take you a few minutes to draw and color in.

Christmas doodles, easy christmas doodles, bullet journal christmas doodles

Idea via Isabella

Here’s four more step by step tutorials that you can easily follow.

If you ever had a hard time drawing wreaths, this one makes it look super easy.

Make sure to grab your markers or color pencils to make them really stand out.

If you’re looking for less detailed doodles that aren’t perfect, then try these ones over here.

You don’t have to make them look accurate but even if you mess up, they still look adorable.

Have Fun

Don’t feel afraid to go all out and try including some of your own ideas when you’re drawing these easy Christmas doodles.

You could even change the color scheme on some of these and give it a bit of you.

Having a Christmas themed bullet journal will be truly an exciting experience so definitely do try it if you weren’t planning too.

If not, I hope you have a fantastic time bullet journaling during the holiday season and that you enjoyed these doodles.

We also have a brilliant collection of succulent doodles, animal doodles, and umbrella doodles if you love this sort of thing!

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