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Bullet Journal Themes: An Extensive List of Fabulous Ideas

Using bullet journal themes is a great way to make your journal look better. It’s exciting, new, and a fresh way to restart again for a new month if you haven’t been impressed with the stuff you’ve been doing recently.

Over here, we have a fantastic guide that will introduce you to the various types of themes you can use in your bullet journal.

There’s plenty of ideas to try and a lot of them will help you decide on what to use for upcoming spreads.

However, before we get to the good stuff, here’s a few things you might want to take not off:

Do You Really Need To Use Bullet Journal Themes?

No,not necessarily but using a theme can really make things more interesting and sort of adds a cohesive effect to your overall journal.

When you use a theme, it also takes off that pressure of having to come up with new ideas for each individual spread.

Themes can really help you explore your creative skills and make your journal look way better than having a mix of everything.

Since you’re journaling in a way that speaks to you, having a theme every single month isn’t necessary but if you find it enjoyable, then continue doing so.

It all depends on what you prefer.

How To Pick and Use A Theme

Now here’s the fun part about this process and it’s collecting ideas to make an incredible bullet journal theme. 

Here’s a few ways tips you can use when deciding which theme will work best for you:

Keep it simple

If you’re not used to designing too often or maybe you don’t like to draw that often, start off by picking a simple design that is easy to draw and won’t take you that long.

Just remember that when you’re picking a theme, you don’t need to choose something that’s full of detail. In fact, there are many minimalistic themes you can opt for.

Decide on your color combination

Sticking with a few chosen colors can really make a spread look gorgeous but this really depends on the type of theme you choose. 

For example, if you choose to have a fruit themed spread like lemons, then you’ll want to use colors like yellow, green, and orange. 

bullet journal themes

For a watermelon theme which is fantastic in the summer months, a bright red and green is a great choice.

Combine different ideas

Don’t simply accept a spread you see from here as it. Rather go through all of these theme ideas, pick a few that really stand out, and think of ways you can incorporate each one together.

You’ll be surprised at what you created! Sometimes just adding a small sticker or doodle can make a huge change to a simple spread.

Theme Ideas To Try

If you’re ready to get started on designing your new themed monthly spread, let’s get to it!

These ideas can be used all year round but some of them will work better in specific seasons but otherwise you’re pretty much good to do anything with these.

Seasonal Themes

As mentioned before, there’s a lot you can do with the season themes especially during the summer, winter, and fall.

During summer time, using spreads that are filled with beach themed doodles, seashells, summer activities, tasty fruits like watermelon, lemon, and kiwi are a great way to make your spreads feel like summer. 

You could also include doodles with milkshakes and ice creams like this particular spread by Nicole from @nicole.journals!  

bullet journal themes, ice cream spreads, summer spreads

During winter, you’ll want to opt for things that make you feel warm so having drawings of hot drinks like hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows are great, snowflakes falling, knitting needles, or even drawing Christmas themed doodles are so much fun.

And during the fall, keeping that cozy vibes is easy when you have spreads filled with leaves and orange themed spreads.

Hot Air Balloons

Although these can be slightly difficult to draw, hot air balloons make beautiful bullet journal spreads. 

If you’re the kind of person who loves traveling and seeing new places, including this would really make you excited everytime you look at this spread. 

hot air balloon spread, bullet journal themes, bullet journal page ideas

Idea via Instagram

Fruit Theme

I know I said this before but using fruits in your journal is one of the easiest ways to make any spread look great. 

They’re super easy and quick to draw but what makes them perfect is that it’s really a brilliant way to add a pop of color to your journal.

bullet journal page ideas, bujo fruit spreads, mood tracker

Idea via Naylsa on Instagram

Also, if you would like to continue this theme throughout your journal, all you really need to do is draw that fruit on each page. It doesn’t need to be big but a small doodle anywhere on the page or a splash of those particular colors works really well.

If you’re planning to use a mood tracker, these fruit themed spreads look absolutely amazing.

Animal Theme 

Drawing cute animal doodles are my cheat way to make a spread look great. 

Even if you keep things simple, having a cat doodle on the corner of a page really makes a huge difference. But if you want to have a full animal themed spread, there’s plenty of ideas that try.

For example, you could try having a sea turtle spread or a panda spread. Whichever animal you choose, it’s surely going to turn out great.

Floral Theme

You could never go wrong with having a floral theme since flowers can easily make a spread look creative especially cherry blossom and sunflower spreads.

These flower spreads can be used for normal spreads or black and white spreads since it’s so versatile. In fact, if you’ve been bullet journaling for long, you would have come across many spreads that included flowers mostly because they turn out amazing. 

If you’re having trouble choosing a theme, go for this one.

Ocean Theme

This theme includes things such as seashells, seaweed, beach, waves, sunsets, mermaids, and sea creatures like starfish or even seahorses.

Other Random Themes You Can Try

  • Bubbles
  • Wreaths
  • Mountains
  • Pumpkins
  • Candy Corn
  • Rainbows
  • Butterflies
  • Sunglasses
  • Donuts
  • Coffee Shops
  • Baking
  • Sports
  • Knitting Needles
  • Fashion

Pick Your Favorites

Choosing a bullet journal theme isn’t as difficult anymore, is it? Although you are spoilt for choice, no matter which idea you plan to go for, any one of these themes will make you excited to journal again.

In fact, you could even combine a few of these ideas together to create a seperate theme. For example, you could use the falling leaves, pumpkins, and wreaths for the Fall season or perhaps during Summer, you could include the ocean theme with fruits.

I’m sure you’ll make it work. If you liked these ideas, make sure to let us know your thoughts below!

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