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Succulent Doodles: How To Draw Cute Succulents

Decorating your bullet journal pages with cute succulent doodles is one of my most favorite things to do but finding the right doodles may present a fun challenge but you can easily fill up these pages with just about anything.

This is why including succulent doodles onto any bullet journal spread will instantly make it look brighter, colorful, and beautiful.

Not sure how to draw a succulent? No problem at all.

Here we have everything you need to learn how to draw fantastic bullet journal succulent doodles that can transform a boring spread into something classy.

You’ll also find a variety of different kinds of succulents to draw that are anywhere between complicated to the really simple and easy doodles anyone can do.

So, if you’re ready to start drawing, here’s a few things you may need:

  • Pencils
  • Pens (Micron or fineliners)
  • Markers
  • Watercolors (optional)

Tips For Drawing Succulents

Drawing anything is easy as long as you have certain shapes down, in fact, using shapes will act as a guide to any drawing you do.

So, here’s a few helpful tips that can be useful if you’re having a hard time drawing succulents.

1. Use Reference Photos

It’s best to have a guide or the actual thing in front of you when trying to draw something and this is why having reference photos are great when you’re trying to create something.

Even if you’re not drawing something realistically, they can be useful in coming up with new ideas to draw cacti in cute ways.

2. Start With A Pencil Sketch

If you’re like me and hate messing up when drawing with ink first, there’s no harm in doing a pencil sketch.

This way you’ll be able to clean up mistakes or make improvements as you go along.

Also, you’ll notice that if you’re drawing large succulents, you’ll want to sketch out a circle in pencil as a guide to help you get accurate shapes for the petals.

3. Use Fine Liners or Markers

To really get clean and neat lines or if you just want to draw tiny doodles, using a fine liner in the size 0.5 is perfect for that.

Also, sometimes when you color in these doodles, it can make a huge difference in the way it looks even if your sketch isn’t great.

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Succulent Doodles (Tutorials & Inspiration)

bullet journal succulent cover spread

Idea via AmandaRachLee

First up, we have this awesome succulent themed cover page with different types of succulents you can draw with the header as a center of focus.

This seems complicated at first but as long as you sketch out everything in pencil, all that’s left is a bit of shading and highlighting a few lines.

how to draw succulents tutorial, succulent doodles, how to draw cacti, bullet journal doodles

Idea via Instagram

This one over here will show you step by step how to draw four different kinds of succulents that you can use anywhere in your journal.

These are great if you have any blank spaces that you need to fill up and they’re really simple and easy to follow.

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A post shared by Blake Noelle (@blakenoelleart) on

Here’s another spread filled with adorable succulent doodles that are great to try in your own journal.

Just having an entire page dedicated to these doodles is a fun way to make your journal more interesting.

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For those who really love to go all out with details will love this particular spread. For each day of the week, you can fill these blocks with a cute succulent pot plant doodle.

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Over here we have a fantastic tutorial that shows you how to draw a large succulent. It makes it look really simple but to be honest, it actually is!

You’ll want to start off by drawing three round circles and then start in the center by drawing the petals and make your way out from there.

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These succulent doodles are more on the simple style but are great if you just want something that looks simple and easy without the pressure of having to make them look perfect.

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Here’s five different way to draw cacti that is bright and colorful. These doodles will literally make any spread look adorable just by adding a few of these.

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If you were looking for something more creative and detailed, then try these particular doodles. Here you have many different kinds from pot plants to hanging succulent doodles, you’re really spoilt for choice with these ones.

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If you’re looking to be a bit more creative, why not explore by using different colors to fill the succulent doodles in?

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Another tutorial showing you every step to create an adorable smiling succulent pot plant doodle.

These cuties will make sure you stay positive and it’s best placed on a gratitude or mood tracker page.

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Wow, this particular color scheme is absolutely gorgeous and you have to try recreating this succulent spread at least one time during the year.

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For black and white doodles, I highly recommend you trying these doodles. You’ll want to make sure to use a really fine tip marker to get these thin and neat lines.

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And lastly, we have these cute doodles you can do with watercolors or any type of markers will do.

Have Fun With It

Drawing succulents aren’t as complicated or difficult as you may think.

In fact, it can be quite fun and challenging but the end result will definitely make your bullet journal spreads look more creative and with a touch of cutest thrown in.

If you ever have any blank spaces or just feel like something is missing, adding a few of these succulent doodles can instantly uplift the way it looks.

If you go further and add color to that, your spreads will look absolutely stunning.

So, are you fond of drawing succulent doodles in your bullet journal? Let us know what you thought of this collection of succulent drawings in the comments below!

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