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Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Ideas, Bujo Sleep Trackers, Bullet Journal Sleep Spreads

Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Ideas: How To, Tips, And More!

With the help of a sleep tracker and changing a few lifestyle habits, the quality of my sleep has drastically improved.

If you’re like me and always had trouble with sleeping or if you just want to develop good habits, keeping a sleep tracker in your bullet journal is for the best.

So, how do you create a sleep tracker? First, decide what you’re going to track. This could be the hours of sleep, what time you went to sleep, and sleep quality. Then draw up a table with one side listing the days of the month ranging from 1 – 30 vertically. Next to that column list the days of the week at the very top. Depending on the day, you can draw a line to indicate how many hours you slept that night.

There are various other ways to create a sleep tracker. Stick around to find out how.

Sleeping has always been something that I struggled with and even though it has improved drastically now, I still remember those days when I could hardly fall off to sleep and stay asleep!

If you’d like to learn more about creating sleep trackers in a bullet journal, here’s everything we know ranging from whether it’s beneficial tracking your sleep, design ideas to try, and much more.

What Are Sleep Trackers?

Sleep trackers are used to tracking your sleep patterns and habits in order to give you more information on how well you slept.

Depending on what you choose to track, it can also be used to make improvements and changes where necessary to improve your overall sleep quality.

Is There a Difference Between Sleep trackers and Sleep Journals?

A sleep tracker is less detailed than a sleep journal. It is mainly used to quickly jot down a reaction or tick whereas a sleep journal is more in-depth. 

With a sleep journal, it focuses more on dreams. It is used to discuss and recount what exactly occurred during a dream. 

What Should I Include In a Sleep Tracker?

Tracking your sleep can lead to many benefits. Not only will it improve your physical health, but you’ll also notice small changes in your mental health.

Here are a few things you can choose to track:

  • Sleep duration
  • Sleep quality
  • Night Routine

Getting more sleep or preventing oversleeping will make you less tired and frustrated. When you track the hours that you’ve slept, you’ll be able to keep a note of what you did the night before to adjust it the next day.

You’ll also be able to pick up certain trends as to why you had a bad sleep. Maybe you drank too much coffee or were exposed to too much white light from the TV or your cell phone.

It may not seem like a big deal but these are one of the many reasons or factors that can lead to poor sleep quality.

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What Supplies Would I Need?

As always with a new spread, you’ll need the basic supplies such as pens, markers, a ruler, and other craft supplies to decorate. 

We’ve recently put together a great post on ways to decorate bullet journal pages that discusses different supplies you can use to decorate so be sure to check out those sneaky little tips!

How To Create a Sleep Tracker Step By Step

Step 1: Decide on your layout

Before you get started, look through a few designs and ideas on Instagram and include your best picks.

You’ll want to decide on the layout whether it’s going to be vertical or horizontal on the page.

Either way works but I find that if you draw it vertically, you’ll be able to have extra space on the side to add extra details about your sleep.

Step 2: Pick what you need to track

There isn’t anything complicated so don’t stress too much about this.

If you want, you can just choose to track the hours that you’ve slept. And the more that you use this bullet journal sleep tracker, you’ll be able to pick up what to include or leave out in the future.

Step 3: Draw a graph

You’ll want to either draw a table with the days of the week listed in one column and next to it you can track the number of hours you slept or you could try drawing a graph which you’ll see in just a bit.

Either one is pretty straightforward and easy to draw but both turn out amazing depending on how you decorate it.

Step 4: Decorate

The last step is to decorate your sleep tracker!

You can draw sleep doodles like clouds, dream catchers, or even some stars around the page to make it look cute and fun!

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Sleep Tracker Ideas To Draw Ideas From

Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Ideas, Bujo Sleep Trackers, Bullet Journal Sleep Spreads

Idea via Instagram @ AnnaJournals

How awesome is this sleep tracker? At first glance, this star-themed tracker looks super complicated but not really!

All you need to do is draw a circle, mark it from 1 – 29 and for each, just draw a dot of the number of hours you slept for and join it to the previous on.

You’ll also want to add a black cut-out for the header and use a gel pen to write the title. You can then go ahead and draw a few star doodles for the rest of the page.

Idea via Instagram @ ByClairee

Here’s a much simpler sleep tracker you can try that is totally adorable.

You have a small washi tape at the top next to the header and for each day to track, she used two colors (a light shade of pink and yellow) to indicate the number of hours slept for each day.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by The Pretty Planner (@the.pretty.planner) on

I think this spread will go pretty well for a December layout especially with those string light doodle at the top of the header.

It’s also a simple spread that won’t take up much time or require any complicated doodles.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Adorel ?? (@artbyadorel) on

Here’s another star themed spread but instead you have a ripped piece of black paper decorating the corner of the page and the shape of a cloud to write the title.

This graph makes sure you have enough space to track while also including a few details for each day.

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A post shared by SmallDropofSun | Ambrielle ☀️ (@smalldropofsunco) on

Pink and yellow themed spreads are so cute and this one does not disappoint.

You can easily write the title in a fancy font and decorate it with simple star doodles if you just want something quick.

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A post shared by ? (@rainne_bujo) on

If you’re looking for a landscape spread, try this colorful spread over here. There’s these cute cloud-shaped doodles to indicate different sleep emotions.

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A post shared by journalchill (@journalchill) on

If you’re into black and white spreads, you’re going to LOVE this one over here.

Look how detailed it is and coloring the blocks in black is such a smart idea!

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A post shared by ? ? ? ? ? (@study.susan) on

There’s not much to say about this one since I’m pretty sure you can tell how amazing this sleep tracker turned out.

Except, since this is a dolphin themed one, a blue or green theme may have looked even better!

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A post shared by Kalon「stationery & bujo」 (@nohnoh.studies) on

Cute, simple, yet still very detailed, this spread is one you must include at least once in your bullet journal.

You have time, clouds to indicate the hours slept, and a column of its own to rate how good it was! Absolutely amazing!

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A post shared by olivias bullet journal ? (@flyingpaperwords) on

Okay, so this is more of the minimalistic style this there aren’t that many fancy headers or details but you can easily track your sleep, mood, and weather which makes this sleep tracker really useful!

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A post shared by Emily (@journalingem) on

This is more like an insert rather than a full-page spread but it’s super creative if you want to give a peek of your next paper which will be the same theme like this one. 

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A post shared by •Brooke (@b.bulletjournal) on

For an avocado themed monthly spread, I have to say that this particular one looks like so much fun. It’s bright, bold, and so colorful and on the other page, you get to track your moods as well!

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A post shared by Ann Ka (@ann.calligraphy) on

This sleep tracker is very different from the others since there aren’t any decorations on this particular page but here you’ll be highlighting the number of hours slept with a number already prewritten.

But the umbrellas on the next page definitely make up for the lack of doodles on the previous page.

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Related Questions

Should I Journal About My Dreams?

If you’ve always wanted to recall your dreams and experience lucid dreaming, having a dream journal will benefit you in the long run.

A dream journal is used to help you recall and remember your dreams by writing down each morning the details of your dream.

The trick is to immediately write down a few things that you can recall rather than waiting before you forget the details.

Those who have kept dream journals, list the many benefits such as:

  • Improves Health
  • Explores Creativity
  • Improved memory
  • Increased awareness

How To Create a Dream Journal

The first thing you’ll need is an unused notebook or journal that will only be for writing your dreams.

You’ll want to keep your bullet journal separate simply because you don’t want to mix these two things together. Also, be sure to keep your dream journal right next to your bed for easy access.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by DiaryJournalBook (@diaryjournalbook) on

For starting a new recall of the dream, you can talk in the present tense and answer some questions such as where you are in the dream, what you see or feel, the people around you, and the events that are taking place. Go ahead and create a title for each dream.

You can also take it one step further and dedicate a separate page for drawing the elements in your dream or make use of diagrams and lines to work through what happened!

Sweet Dreams!

Tracking your sleep patterns and the number of hours you slept can provide useful information on what you need to change or improve on with your habits.

Getting enough sleep is also a crucial factor in making sure your body is healthy and getting that rest that it needs.

Hopefully, the above bullet journal sleep tracker ideas will really inspire you to include one of these in your journal and track your sleep.

So, what are your thoughts on sleep tracking? Do you keep a sleep journal or do you prefer to use an app? Let us know in the comments below!

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