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bullet journal monthly cover page ideas

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover Page Ideas That’re Amazing

The first page to a new month is always the most important. It sets the theme for your overall set up but also gives you a picture of how you’d like the current month to turn out. And this particular spread is known as bullet journal monthly cover page ideas. 

Do you ever find yourself baffled with trying to come up with ideas or ways to make this particular page look amazing? Maybe you’re feeling anxious about messing it up with a bland design? We’ve all been there!

With these useful ideas, you’ll never be confused as to how to make your cover pages actually look good.

From simple designs to more complicated and artistic spreads, you’ll find a variety of monthly cover page ideas that will make your bullet journal look unique and visually appealing. 

The great thing about these ones is that you don’t need to use them in their exact order since you can switch the month’s theme for any month you’d like to use them for. 

What Are Monthly Cover Pages?

Monthly cover pages are usually a single or double spread to indicate the start of a new month. Its way to separate the previous months spreads from the new ones but more importantly, you get a chance to start off fresh with a new theme.

Do You Really Need a Cover Page?

Not necessarily, however, having a monthly cover page as mentioned before will definitely help you separate the previous month from the new one. It will also make you more excited to try new things in case the previous month’s spreads didn’t work out the way you wanted to.

For a few months, following through with keeping track of my habits was a mission and it’s so easy to feel guilty about all the incomplete spreads.

With a fresh new cover page for the new month, it sort of feels like a second chance to try bullet journaling ahead.

I highly recommend using monthly cover pages since these types of spreads will make your bullet journal look awesome.

You’ll feel truly proud to be an owner of this fantastic journal, especially if you make use of these ideas below.

How to Make a Monthly Cover Page

Making your own cover page for the month is incredibly easy but with a few tips and tricks, your spread is bound to look just as amazing as the pros.

Step 1: The Theme

The first step is to decide on a theme for the month.

However, having a theme to match the month is not completely necessary if you plan to use stuff such as florals or random doodles but they do make a lot of fun if you choose to have themes throughout. It’s also less stressful when deciding how to decorate a spread throughout the month.

If you do decide to use a theme, here are a few ideas you can use to decide for a particular month that might be helpful to you:

  • January – Snowglobe, Pine Cones, Penguins, Clouds, Snowflakes
  • February – Valentine’s, Hearts, Roses
  • March – St. Patrick’s Day, Green Leaves, Palm Leaves
  • April – Easter, Umbrellas, Arrows, Bunnies, Flowers
  • May – Flowers, Dream Catcher, Feathers, Camping
  • June – Ice Cream, Fruit, Lemons, Cactus, Unicorns
  • July – Watermelons, Light House, Swimming, Seashells, Mermaids
  • August -Balloons, Swimming, Hot Air Balloons, Picnics
  • September – Fall, Leaves, Books,  Florals
  • October – Halloween, Spiders, Spider Web, Pumpkins, Mushrooms
  • November – Corn, Smores, Turkey, Mountains, Food
  • December – Snowman, Christmas, Lights, Gifts, Cookies, Candy Cane

Step 2: Supplies You’ll Need

For these kinds of spreads, you don’t need that many things besides the normal pens, markers, brush pens, glue, pictures, stickers, or even stamps.

If you’d like to know more about how to make your spreads look good, try these decorating tips that will transform the way you journal.

Step 3: Designing

Now here comes the fun part, actually designing your spreads! The following ideas are bound to spark some sort of inspiration for your own spreads but if you’re still stuck on what to do, use these ideas to help create beautiful spreads.

Ideas & Themes You’ll Love


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A post shared by Bullet Journal (@bulletofsweden) on

Here’s a fun and stylized design for January that you can do or for just about any month really. 

I tend to stick with minimalistic spreads sometimes since they are much easier and quicker to draw than the usual colorful spreads.

Sometimes these black and white spreads end up looking much better if I’m being honest.


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A post shared by b u j o • b y • l o (@bujo.by.lo) on

For a more complicated design, try this triangle design with a bit of pink shaded in the second triangle.

For this one, you’ll first want to draw the middle triangle and then draw the other two and repeat for the bottom triangles. 


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A post shared by Ingvill | Bullet Journaling ✨ (@ip_bujo) on

Who loves paper planes and boats? Whenever I see spreads like these I can’t wait to try them in my own journal since they look so good.


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A post shared by clara ? (@journalsbyclara) on

For those that look to doodle, check out this fantastic spread of the city for April.

You can also include an awesome quote in a pretty font at the bottom of the design while the last few letters of April will be covered by the doodle.

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A post shared by K A T H ? (@kitkatt.journals) on

Okay, so the previous example definitely seems daunting, especially if you’re not interested in doodling so here’s a much simpler design to try how that is still cute and fun. 


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A post shared by Little Creative Journals ☁️ (@littlecreativejournals) on

Here’s a mushroom wreath design that looks fun and cute. This is actually really easy to draw if you think about it and I’m sure coloring those mushrooms will be so much fun.


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A post shared by BuJo and cookies (@bujoandcookies) on

Summer is always about that lemonade and here’s a fun way to incorporate it into your spread.

The cutout title is also a fantastic addition and definitely gives this spread an extra kick

To create this visual effect, you’ll first want to lay down a piece of washi tape and write the letters June over the washi tape.

Peel it away and now you’ll have space in the middle of the word June to write it a second time in a cursive font.


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A post shared by BJ (@bulletandletters) on

If you still want your spread to look creative but not overdone, then try this fantastic idea.

For July’s cover spread, before writing any text, grab a brush and lay down some watercolor onto the page.

Drop a few splashes onto the page to create a dotted effect and then use a brush pen to letter in the word “July”.

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Let’s SHELL-abrate summer!!

A post shared by Kathryn? (@kathrynn.lynnn) on

Doodling seashells are so much fun but I’m not sure if that’s because the beach is my favorite place!

For this spread, I’d prefer to use the color blue to really give it an ocean-themed vibe but it’s really up to you.


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A post shared by j a d e ✨ (@thebujobuzz) on

September is all about the florals and this spread has done a fantastic job of it!

You can use either a brush pen to create these leaves or better yet grab your watercolors to tackle this masterpiece. 


bullet journal monthly cover page ideas for october

Idea via Instagram @ Lil’ Brown Journal

A simple wreath design for the month of October that has a mixture of acorns, leaves, and other floral doodles. You can also make ink splashes around the page while leaving the center clean.


bullet journal monthly cover page ideas for november black and white

Idea via Instagram @ Celine LS

This black and white spread for November is absolutely beautiful and clean with its intricate design. Definitely worth trying this one out for a guaranteed amazing spread!


Is this not the cutest idea for December?

For the cover page, draw a circle and fill it with Christmas related doodles such as by adding a gingerbread man, Christmas wreath, ornaments, Santa sock, gifts, and more. 


Designing a new month’s cover page is thrilling and exciting when you’re faced with coming up with new ideas to set the theme.

I hope you found all of these ideas to be of use but if you’re stuck, it’s always a good idea to keep things simple.

When you’re new to bullet journaling, opt for less complicated spreads and more on the minimalistic side since this will help boost your confidence and give you the skills you need for more complicated and artistic spreads.

That’s all from me for now but leave a comment to let us know what’s your thoughts on bullet journal monthly cover pages!

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