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21 Incredible Bullet Journal Meal Planning Spreads

Coming up with meals and dishes to make every single week can be a huge headache and stress. Sometimes you also forget to buy particular ingredients once you’ve set your heart on a certain meal.

Meal planning is the perfect solution to being more organized and productive.

With the help of bullet journal meal planning spreads, you’ll never feel frustrated or stressed. These useful lists of what to make for which day, detailed recipes to try, or ingredients lists will save you an incredible amount of time.

You’ll also find yourself having to spend less time cooking and more time doing things you actually like.

So, if you’d like to include a few meal planning spreads in your bullet journal, here’s everything you need to know about bullet journal meal planning and the best list of ideas and ways you can implement meal planning in your life. 

What’s Meal Planning?

As mentioned before, meal planning is pretty straight forward.

It’s a way to plan out an entire week or month’s worth of meals in these spreads and usually maps out what you’d like to eat for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

There are some bullet journal meal plans only tracking lunch or dinner but you’ll find a few that include plans for breakfast as well.

You’ll also be able to budget better when planning your meals for the month and this will help save more money for other things.

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How To Meal Plan In A Bullet Journal

Okay, so meal planning isn’t as difficult as it may seem especially with knowing that you have to come up with so many ideas for the entire month or week. 

The best way to meal plan for an entire month is to separate it into four weeks and try completing one week at a time before you move on to the next.

Also, with meal planning, if you’re just starting out on a new diet plan, this is a great way to stay focused and follow through with completing a diet. 

You’ll then want to choose a layout from the ideas you’ll see in a bit. Depending on the type of meal planning layout you decide to use, this will give you a good idea and way to make changes to it as you plan your own in a bullet journal.

bullet journal meal planning spread ideas, bullet journal meal planning, meal planning spreads, bullet journal meal plan, meal planning layouts

Idea via Misfit Plans @ AminoApps

When you’re planning your meals, do consider sectioning off a particular page in your journal to add in a few recipes that are your favorites or even new ones that look interesting to try. 

Including a grocery list will also be a helpful way to ensure you have all the ingredients for the upcoming meals.

Meal Planning Ideas & Inspiration

If you’re constantly running low on supplies, then this chart will keep you updated on everything you need to buy for the week ahead. You can also tick off any item after you get it.

bullet journal meal planning, meal planning spreads, bullet journal meal plan, meal planning layouts

Idea via Masha Plans @ Instagram

Here’s a cute way to decide your meal plan for the week. There’s also a space for snack ideas and a few groceries you may need.

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Keep track of things you need to buy with this colorful and cute grocery list.

From produce items to even other household items like coffee, dishwasher tabs, trash bags, you’ll never forget to grab another item.

bullet journal meal planning spreads

Idea via Jessica @ Instagram

This two-page spread will ensure you’re organized for the entire week but the one that drew our attention was the post-it notes.

This is such as genius idea especially if you don’t want to keep drawing up the same meal planner spread over again. 

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A post shared by Rhio ~ Coloured Pencil Art (@rhioillustrates) on

Meal planning doesn’t need to be boring and this cute pink themed spread says it all.

Here you can plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. There are also cute doodles at the bottom with a glitter washi tape to finish things off.

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This spread is pretty cute but more detailed in terms of meal planning.

For each week, there a particular item labeled and a list of dish ideas related to that.

So, you can also ensure there’s a variety to be had rather than eating the same things all the time.

This is our favorite clean eating guide that breaks down everything you can eat or things you should avoid.

These tips will be a helpful reference for the future when planning meals.

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Meal plan of the week, inspired by an idea of @breeeberry ??

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This is a one-page spread that only breaks down the meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but for the entire week.

The doodles are a great way to fill in empty space as shown here and definitely makes this spread look fun and playful.

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A post shared by Katie (@elbeedee_kt) on

This is more straight to the point sort of meal plan that focuses more on the content rather than how it’s decorated.

You also have a handy shopping list for the entire week on the side which you can add more items as you go along.

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A post shared by Cheapscait (@cheapscaitcreates) on

How pretty is this spread? If you’re more of a visual person and love bullet journal spreads like this, then I’m sure you’re bound to love this particular one.

This one is absolutely neat and clean while still able to look so detailed.

It’s sort of in the design of a notepad paper which makes this spread really creative. Worth a shot!

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Another spread that didn’t quite get finished from September ? despite that I really do like having a log like this; especially helps me remember when and where I spend money ?

A post shared by JashiiCorrin (@jashiicorrin) on

If you’re looking to up your meal planning game, then this particular spread tracks the entire month!

You may have to do some serious planning when it comes to this one but I’m sure it will be completely worth it.

Another awesome design you can try with a separate shopping list on the other page. Love the colors and theme used on this one!

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Recipe page!! My mom’s best creations ??

A post shared by Alexa | Bullet Journal (@alexa.bullet.journal) on

Having recipe pages like this will make your journal look incredibly cute and with baking-themed doodles added, you won’t be able to resist.

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A post shared by Bujo.forlaura (@bujo.forlaura) on

If you prefer a floral themed meal planer, try this one out. With this specific table, you’ll be able to plan 15 days worth of meals on one page while making it look attractive.

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Not much to say for this one but if you need a simple design to track your meals each week, this is a quick and easy one to try.

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Every meal planner needs a master list and this gorgeous design will be so fun to draw up!

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A post shared by Himali Mac (@mybujoyesterday) on

Here’s another quick and easy meal planner spread you can recreate in just a few minutes. You may need to have another page for a grocery list.

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A post shared by Nonenie (@noneniebujoscrap) on

Here we have a neat and clean meal planner design that will track the days for 4 weeks. The only problem is that you may not have enough space to go into detail with each day.

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A post shared by journal.with.peggy (@journal.with.peggy) on

And lastly, we have this cute meal planning spread with an adorable quote on the top.

Tip: Using inspiration quotes in your bullet journal is a great way to make it look fancier in general!

All that was used here was a black pen and a light pink highlighter to decorate the headings.


Meal planning is incredibly useful if you want to save time and make sure you eat well every day and having meal planning spreads in a bullet journal is fantastic if you’re always using your journal for other things as well. 

One thing to remember when meal planning is that you don’t have to plan an entire month’s worth of meals in one day but you can make improvements as you go along.

Just choose one that works for you and a spread that will fit your lifestyle.

So, are you currently using any meal planning spreads in your bullet journal or will you be trying one soon?

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