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12 Bullet Journal Goals Page Ideas That Are Really Useful

bullet journal goal page ideas

Every year, it’s absolutely necessary to keep a goal page in your bullet journal that will encourage you to strive for more and smash those accomplishments.

Making New Year’s resolutions are one thing but staying consistent is another mission on its own which is why bullet journal goal page ideas will literally change the way you approach them.

How often do you set out goals only for them to be left undone? For me, that’s quite often. I’ll be over the moon with excitement to get to them but after a while, this motivation fades away and the goals are long forgotten (or better yet, ignored).

Here’s a complete guide to using bullet journal goals layouts that will show you how to set them up, ways to use them, ideas and inspiration to create your own unique designs, and a few tips on how to stick to your goals.

So, if this is something you’d like to know more about, let’s get to it!

Reasons for Having Goal Pages


The one major thing about writing down your goals is that it keeps you accountable. In a way, it’s basically reminding you that there is something for you to do which will make you more focused and determined to accomplish the tasks that you set out.


It allows you to dedicate a specific amount of time to follow through with specific goals. You can revise and edit them as you go while figuring out details on how to finish these goals sooner.

When there are a start and finish to something, you won’t give yourself that opportunity to leave it for some other time or even battle with mental resistance simply because you’re on a time limit.

Measure Goals and Motivation

However, the most useful aspect of writing down your goals and having allowed you to measure your progress and see how far you’ve come.

This will give you more information on areas you need to improve or follow up on while also boosting that inspiration needed to fulfill these specific tasks.

If you’re on the fence as to whether including bullet journal goal pages is worth it, don’t be! Mostly because if you’re the kind of person who needs a motivational boost, then this is the best way to go.

How To Set Up A Goal Page

Setting up a goal page is definitely exciting and to be honest, it’s really easy if you know what you want. Just remember though, that not all spreads in a bullet journal need to be fancy or artistic.

You could keep it minimalistic if you don’t want to focus on how it looks but rather the content that matters most.

Step 1: Grab Your Supplies

Here you’ll need a few basic supplies depending on the type of spread you’ll be choosing. So grab your bullet journal, pens, markers, highlighters, fineliners, and whichever art supplies you normally tend to use.

Our recommendation: Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 or this Dotted Grid Journal that is madly raved about by every bullet journaler.

Step 2: List Your Goals

On a separate page, brainstorm ideas and goals that you intend to set. I like to do this on a rough piece of paper rather than inking beforehand since that may lead to more work.

Step 3: Choose a Layout

You’ll now want to decide on a format for your goal page. There are many ideas to choose from which you’ll see in just a second but you really don’t need to use any of these. Feel free to come up with your own spreads and designs – whatever will suit you best.

Ideas and Inspiration To Try

There are a few different ways to track your goals and some of which are just a list of things written while others can be tracked together or individually.

Although, you’ll find many different spreads to try and maybe incorporate little details from each to make your goal page work best for you.

So, here are some of the best goal page ideas we’ve put together that will definitely help you set out your goals in a detailed format but still keep a bit of artistic feel to it.

1. Yearly Goals


This is a really simple and easy goal page you can draw in a few minutes but still has an artistic feel to it. If you want to just have an overview of general things you want to do for the year then using this kind of spread will work well.

However, if you have many different categories to track, you might want to either reduce the size of the doodles to fit everything on one page or try another spread.

2. Block Format

bullet journal goals spreads block format, goal page ideas, bujo goal pages

Idea via Instagram at Crafty Shoe

A creative spread that will make you excited to tackle your goals. Here everything is well set out and it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

If you’re looking for a minimalist spread that is easy and quick, try this one but you could always color code the blocks to make it colorful too.

3. List Design

bullet journal goal spread

Idea via Instagram at Journautical

One of the easiest goals spreads you can try is this one right here. It gives you an ample amount of space to write out many goals for the year or you could even use this spread every month rather than an overall yearly goal page.

4. All In One Spread

all in one goals bullet journal spread

Idea via Instagram at silva.and.bold

For a creative yet minimalistic style spread, try this gorgeous one over here that separates the different categories in your life.

Whether you want to list your personal goals or even a few bullet journal related goals, this spread is easy to use and you can always revisit it as you go.

5. Savings Log

goal page ideas savings log

Idea via BohoBerry

Goals don’t only need to be written in the standard format but you can create separate goal pages for everything you plan to do just like this savings log.

It will keep the motivation high and make you accountable to achieve the amount of money you need to save this year.

6. Two Page Spread

two page goals bullet journal spread

Idea via Instagram at Issi

Stylish, gorgeous, and clean. Are there any other words to describe this? This two-page spread will definitely ensure that you have plenty of space to add all goals in one place.

7. Colorful Spread


If you’re like me and love colorful spreads, then you’re sure to be blown away by this one. This monthly goal page incorporates work, health, and personal goals on one page and makes use of different kinds of washi tape to decorate.

See also: Best Washi Tape Ideas And Spreads For Your Bullet Journal

8. Professional Spread

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A post shared by Ashtyn | BuJo + Productivity (@ashtyn_plans) on

Keep things clean and neat with this goal page idea that makes the content more important than the design. Also, if you can see on the next page, having a vision board is a great way to visualize your goals!

9. Goal Chart

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A post shared by Planning In Pyjamas (@planninginpyjamas) on

For a bit of creative fun, try this mind map goal page theme that is both quirky yet still clean and focused. Perfect for those that busy with school or work.

10. Month At A Glance

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Here’s a more colorful version of the block format shown above. Both are equally gorgeous and a stunning way to display your goals.

11. Minimalistic Spread

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Even if you’re not fond of decorating your bullet journal spreads, you can still add a few lines here and there to give the illusion that you’re artistic even if you’re not.

How To Set Realistic Goals

After going through past goals and discovering many of which I failed to accomplish, it became obvious that most of them were incredibly unrealistic.

Some were either too difficult to complete in a short space of time while others weren’t given a sufficient amount of thought to them.

Setting achievable goals should be a priority which is why these tips might help you in the future when setting goals.

1. Choose specific goals that interest you

When choosing a goal, it’s best if you have a reason behind each of them. There must be some motivational force or willingness to see the end result of each goal.

Whether it’s in terms of work, school, business, or personal, there should be a reason as to why you want to do this.

This purpose will determine if you put in the work to make it happen.

2. Make a plan

We can easily write a goal down and expect a positive outcome in us actually finishing a task but without a proper plan in place for every goal you set, there’s a high chance of you not completing any of them or leaving them half done.

After careful consideration of each goal, go ahead, and begin planning how you will approach a specific goal.

Think of the method you’ll use, what you need to give, time limit, and duration for every task, as well as other necessary actions needed.

Once you have a plan in place, achieving these goals will be a piece of cake!

3. Take action

Be careful not to overanalyze each step since this may lead to analysis paralysis. Once you have all your steps in order, get started.

At the end of the day, the action is what matters the most, and procrastinating what needs to get done will only make you fall behind.

Implement a few reminders as you go along to remind you of why you’re doing what you need to do. Stick to a schedule and work on your goals daily and this will eventually become a positive habit.

Whatever happens, do make these goals stick long term and when you do this, the outcome will always be worth it.


Setting goals and implementing them can be a fun process but it is a process that requires determination and consistency.

Writing down your goals like how we did with these bullet journal pages will encourage you to keep moving forward and see them through.

I hope you found this article helpful and if you enjoyed these goal page ideas, let us know which ones were your absolute favorite.

Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas to share, you know where you leave those golden nuggets!

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