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18 Bullet Journal Fitness Trackers That Will Motivate You

For some of us, working out can be a little tough when you just don’t feel like it but having a proper schedule and fitness plan can really keep you accountable.

That’s why using bullet journal fitness trackers like these ones will make sure you’re always keeping track of your diet, work out routines, schedules, and meal plans. You’ll also be able to keep track of your habits, workout goals, and measurements when using fitness trackers.

If you’d like ways to make exercising more fun and easier, then make use of having a fitness journal. It will keep you motivated and excited to keep going until you hit your desired goals.

Here’s a fantastic list of fitness spreads to try that range from easy, simple designs to more complicated ones.

You’ll find everything you’re looking for with these awesome fitness spread ideas!

Fitness Layout Ideas & Inspiration

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If you’re beginning your journey to weight loss, you’re going to need a goal tracker.

Write down your 3 top weight loss goals that you’d like to achieve and this will keep you motivated throughout.

Here’s a pretty way of doing so with this fitness spread.

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Having a monthly workout schedule will keep you accountable and you won’t have those moments of doubt when you’re trying to figure out what to do.

Here you also have little icons to indicate running, weightlifting, and trackers at the bottom.

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Here’s a much more detailed spread for the entire week ahead. You can schedule just about anything and also keep track of your weight loss progress.

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[WERBUNG durch Produktplatzierung/Markenverlinkungen) #unbezahlt . Good morning, lovelies!❤️ When I saw the perfect lettering of the fabulous @juian.k a few days ago I fell in love with it at once. So I‘ve tried to recreate it in my own way to improve my lettering. After I finished it I decided to create a weight/diet log because the quote fits perfectly! The last year I‘ve lost the balance between work, family, creativity and sports-there were (still is) always not enough time and whenever I had a little time for myself I used it for creating things-not for sports. Now I feel very uncomfortable and I know I need to change something. I really hope that this tracker will help me, losing weight is always so hard ?. . . . . . . . . #bulletjournal #bulletjournalspread #journaling #bujo #bujoinspiration #bujocommunity #journal #journalinspiration #journaljunkie #bujoaddict #dietlog #weightloss #weightlossideas #weighttracker #tracker #bujotracker #leuchtturm1917 #selfcare #lettering #quote #motivation #motivationalquotes

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Include this awesome Diet log with a beautiful hand-lettered quote that will inspire you to keep going.

With the diet log, you can keep track of your diet days and cheat days for the next 6 months.

This is another neat and clean workout schedule for the week ahead.

There’s plenty of space to include as many things as you need with these columns while also tracking the weather with those tiny doodles at the top.

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With this monthly calendar, you’ll be able to track different workouts such as walking, legs, arms, and other areas of your body using different lines as a key. 

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If you’re a lover of running, then you’re sure to find this log pretty useful.

Here you’ll be able to track the km and pace for each day and see your complete progress at the end of the month.

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Love black and white spreads? It’s one of my favorites and this one looks super cool with the different weeks written on the other page.

This training schedule is perfect for you if you plan to try out different work out routines.

Having a portion control for your current diet is exceptionally useful and this guide will help you make a better decision when deciding how much you need to eat.

Colorful, bold, yet still simple, this bullet journal fitness schedule is absolutely a must-have! You also have a small color-coded key on the side that indicates the colors for each activity. 

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Fitness journeys are always a thrill to look at, especially when it’s fully completed. This two-page spread will keep your motivation and dedication high to see this task through.

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2020 Running Tracker ?‍♀️ (I tried to make it look like a race bib, hopefully you can see what I was going for! ?). The running event I was supposed to be doing in May unfortunately got cancelled due to everything that’s going on right now, so I’m not really sticking to my run training schedule anymore, but it’s starting to get nicer out, so I’ve still been getting out for a few runs outside! How are you enjoying the spring weather wherever you are? . . . #bujo #bulletjournal #bujoinspiration #bujoideas #bujopages #journaling #showmeyourplanner #theartofbujo #bulletjournalcommunity #stationery #bujocommunity #bujospread #bulletjournalss #bulletjournalspread #bujo2020 #dingbatsnotebooks #bujotrackers #bulletjournalsetup #bujosetup #bujofitness #running #fitnesstracker #runningtracker #hellobonjournal

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Here’s a bright and bold way to track your running progress for the entire year!

I especially love the bold header that immediately draws your attention to the header and the light shade of blue to highlight the months is a smart way to decorate something that is already so busy.

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Here’s a great training plan for each day and the weeks ahead.

Everything is completely mapped out for you so you’ll definitely have to keep your promise of completing each task. 

Also, love the simplicity of the design and the small finishing touches such as the star doodles really make this spread look fantastic!

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This fitness schedule spread can be completed as you go along.

You can either use it to plan your workout or keep account of the things you actually finished.

There are also these epic quotes at the bottom of the page to lift you up everytime you feel like quitting.

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If you’re looking for a small and cute fitness tracker to include somewhere in your usual weekly spread, then here’s an awesome one that you can try.


If you try at least two or three of these bullet journal fitness spreads, it will make a huge positive change in your life and routine.

Working out and keeping track of your health and goals will no longer feel like a chore but an active process of improving your health and mindset.

Hopefully, you’ll find joy in all of these fitness trackers and they will help you with your journey.

Let us know which tracker was your ultimate favorite or go-to when it comes to journaling about fitness.

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