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Ultimate List of Bullet Journal Collections (110+ Best Journal Page Ideas)

Starting a new bullet journal can be extremely exciting, especially if you’re purely a beginner.

You’re already with packed with information on what is needed but you’re still left wondering after completing the first page. What’s next?

That’s where bullet journal collections come in. These will be your most useful handy tool to ensure that your journal is filled with rich content you’ll appreciate coming to.

Bullet journal collections are a list of page ideas that are generally added to a bullet journal. Take for instance a collection of pages such as logs, to-do lists, monthly entries, interests, wants needs. It’s also a collection of your habits or things you need to track or projects you need to complete.

These are just some of the absolute best collections and page ideas that we’ve felt is worth adding to any bullet journal.

Here you’ll find a mix of 100 different categories to journal about such as mental health, productivity, traveling, goal setting, managing a household, and general things that will interest you.

Why Bullet Journal Collections Are Important

These collections are a useful system that keeps everything together rather than having a specific topic on different pages in your journal. They also help to keep track of really specific items all in one place making it convenient for you.

How to Use Bullet Journal Collections

Although there are hundreds of ideas and collections you can try, simply pick a few that stand the most out to you and stick with them.

Take into account your hobbies and interests and these will help make your decision when using a certain collection.

For example, let’s say your dream is to travel. You can make use of all the travel collections listed before.

If you want to use your journal to be more productive, there are many page layouts to include in a bullet journal such as a weekly log, future plans, habit trackers, and more.

List of Collections To Add

Productivity Collections

1. To-do Lists

A breakdown of the things you need to get done is one of the most common spreads you’ll come across in a bullet journal. You can decorate this any way you want to keep it simple by just jotting down your tasks.

2 Weekly and Monthly Spreads

These spreads will ensure you have something to journal about every single month and they’re great for exploring different themes. You really get to make this kind of collection very detailed in the way you decide to use your artistic skills.

3. Daily Schedules

If you don’t want a to-do list then you could opt for a daily schedule list. This is ideal for those who are always on the run and never want to forget a particular item and make sure that they knock off all the items on the list.

4. Time Table

A time table collection is a student’s dream guide to making sure they’re always ahead of tasks and knowing when and where they need to be at a particular time.

5. Time Management

Whether you’re a student, office worker, or a stay at home mum, a well planned out time management sheet will ensure you’re always well organized and well planned to get the most out of a busy day.

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You can use a table or grid spread for this one and allocate a certain period of time for particular tasks.

Another option you could try is to draw a few clocks and next to it dedicate certain periods of time for each activity.

6. Project Management

This one can also be used as a table or grid spread to show a complete overview of all the assignments that need to be done, the due date for each one, and your current progress.

You could also include additional information or supplies that are needed for each project.

Allocate certain days to knock out as much as you can or keep track of them all by doing a little each day.

7. Rewards

We always need something motivating to help push us to get the things that need to be done quicker. And the best way to do so is to draw up a rewards page.

Draw a few blocks or stars and separate them into smaller bits. As you complete a small step, you’ll earn some kind of reward for do so and build up to a much bigger reward at the end.

These journal collections are perfect if you want to accomplish your fitness goals or schoolwork.

8. Trackers

If you’ve been around long enough, you would have seen plenty of tracker spreads circulating on Instagram or youtube.

These are one of the easiest spreads you can try and they’re pretty fun to do.

You can track just about anything:‌ Sleep, food, weight loss, goals, habits, patterns, etc.


Have a separate page dedicated to your ultimate favorite quotes that spark inspiration in desperate times that can really yank you out of a dark pit.

This collection can be an entire page or you could have one page a month for a very large quote.

You could also keep your quotes themed according to the month or season you’re in.

10. Time Block

Similar to time management, this page idea will ensure you get back the hours that would otherwise go to waste.

When your time block, you ultimately know exactly what to do and when to do it.

It will drastically increase your focus and productivity while getting more done without feeling overwhelmed.

This particular spread is ideal to follow:‌ Kalyn Brookie

bullet journal collections, bullet journal page ideas

11. Essential Resources

It’s always a great idea to keep your most visited or used apps in one place and having a resource page can be the perfect way to find things more easily.

12. What Worked/Didn’t Work

Keep a detailed report of new things you’ve tried and how they turned out. Let’s say you’re trying a new exercise routine.

State which one you followed, the activities that you tried, how you felt, which one’s suited you the most, or which ones failed.

This way, when the next month comes rolling in, you’ll be smarter at identifying your highs and lows.

13. Monthly Overview

Similar to the one above but slightly different than a monthly calendar spread, this particular monthly overview can be used to write down the most important events that had occurred and lessons that were learned.

You’ll be able to learn a lot more about yourself which will, in turn, keep you motivated to do more in the following months to come.

Personal Interests & Growth Collections

These are collections of things that personally call out to you.

The one main factor to note is that you don’t need to include all of these collections into your journal.

Pick a few that you think will be interesting to journal about and go for it. We won’t go into great detail of each since they’re pretty much self-explanatory.

Vision Boards

Creating vision boards in your bullet journal will help you organize and plan out your goals. It will keep you motivated to achieve the things you want in life whether that’s getting your dream home, buying that expensive car, or landing that dream job, whatever you want in life, use a vision board to send out the Law of Attraction. 

14. Movies

15. Books To Read

16. Favorites Books Read

17. Songs

18. Activities

19. Things to try

20. Dreams

21. Fun Crafts

22. Things That Make You Smile

23. Memorable Moments

24. Wish List

25. Affirmations

26. Meditation

27. New Skills To Learn

28. New Skills Learnt

29. Gratitude

30. Future Plans

Physical &‌ Mental Health Collections

31. Fitness Goals

32. Weightloss Tracker

33. Workout Routine

34. Inspirational Coaches

35. Mood Tracker

36. Sleep Tracker

37. Period Tracker

38. Daily Steps Tracker

39. Best Workout Routines

40. Self Care Ideas

41. Healthy Habits Tracker

42. Food Tracker

43. Meal Planning

44. Water and Vitamin Tracker

45. Master List of Clean Snacks

46. Favorite Clean Eating Recipes

47. Trigger Tracker

48. Stop Overthinking Handy Guide

49. A When To.. Guide

50. Medication Log

51. Yoga Poses

52. Favorite Stretches

Financial Collections

53. Bill Trackers

54. Household Expenses

55. Personal Expenses

56. Saving Trackers

57. Saving Challenges

58. No Spend Challenge

59. Things To Buy

60. Debt Log

61. Payments Log

62. Credit Card Tracker

63. Spending Tracker

64. Coupons

65. 5 Year Savings Plan

Household Collections

66. Addresses & Phone Numbers

67. Birthdays

68. Recipes

69. Pantry Organization

70. Cleaning Schedules

71. Daily Cleaning Tasks

72. Monthly Cleaning Tasks

73. Spring Cleaning

74. Holiday Cleaning

75. Home Repairs

76. Decluttering Challenge

77. Shopping Lists

78. Insurance Information

79. Medical Information

80. Upcoming Events at Home

Traveling Collections

81. Places Visited

82. Places To Visit

83. Packing List

84. Expense Tracker

85. Savings Tracker For Trip

86. Dream Holiday Destination

87. Wish List

88. Stamp Collection

89. Travel Souvenirs

90. Road Trip Book

91. Best Road Trip Songs

Bullet Journal Swatches

92. Pen Swatches

93. Washi Tape Swatches

94. Header Ideas

95. Best Fonts

96. Midliners

97. Tombow Pens

98. Brush Pens

99. Sticker Collection

100. Paint Swatch

Page Ideas For School

101. Assignments

102. Homework Tracker

103. Study Test Dates

104. Study Techniques

105. Schedules

106. Exam Dates

107. Group Study Dates

108. Group Project Planning

109. Grades Tracker

110. Outfit Planner


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