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15 Incredible Bullet Journal Calendar Spread Ideas

The first page of a new month in your bullet journal is super exciting but nervewracking as well. Since this calendar page will be the start to a new month, you’re going to want it to be near perfect, am I right?

If you’re been looking for the absolute best bullet journal calendar ideas to include, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here we have included different designs and layouts to try at least once during the year. You’ll also find a few themed ideas and a range of colorful spreads to try out.

There are a few black and white spreads if you’re into minimalism but I can assure that each and every layout is gorgeous!

How To Choose The Perfect Calendar Spread?

First up, let’s take a quick look at which spread will be the best for you. There are four ways to use a calendar spread in your bullet journal:

  • As a landscape
  • Full page spread
  • Two-page spread
  • At the corner of the page

If you plan to keep track of important dates, appointments, meetings, and birthdays, then you might need a calendar that has sufficient space to track as many things as you can, especially if you foresee a busy month ahead.

A landscape, full-page, or even a two-page spread will be the ideal one to choose for this purpose however if you’re not looking to have this kind of spread taking up so much space, there’s a fantastic idea at the bottom of this roundup that will show you how to incorporate a mini-calendar that isn’t intrusive.

The majority of these layouts are really easy to recreate which you will see in a second but each of them is definitely worth the shot and effort. 

Best Calendar Spread Ideas

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This calendar theme can be used for just about any month. If you’re looking for a bright and colorful theme to set the mood for the month, then I highly recommend trying out this one. 

You can use Washi tape to create those blue borders and to stick the different colors for the days of the week.

Alternatively, just grab a few markers to do the job. Finish off by drawing a cute doodle at each corner.

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Here’s a full calendar block spread with a handy list of goals at the bottom. The theme here is to use two colors: peach and red.

You can also write down a quote or stick with doodling a cute drink at the bottom.

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If you’re a lover of clean and neat bullet journal spreads, then this calendar spread will be quite useful.

Here you have a quick overview of the month at the very top while sufficient space to write down an important event for each day on the rest of the page.

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Another clean calendar spread except here you have a large doodle to show your love for sushi.

Of course, you can optimize this spread by adding any kind of doodle at the bottom of the spread or make it themed by drawing specific doodles for a particular season.

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For a full spread, try this black and white calendar spread.

On the side, you have a little column to include the important things you need to do for the month like events or appointments while there’s also enough space to outline your entire month with this one.

The theme here is the moon and stars.

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You can’t deny how gorgeous floral-themed spreads end up looking and this particular one is fantastic.

Here you’ll want to use a fancy font for the month title and stick these floral images next.

You can easily recreate this design with watercolors and stick it in.

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Colorful spreads like this one speak to my soul!

If you want your spread to look gorgeous and fun, try using these three colors, pink, blue, yellow to get this effect for your calendar spread.

You can also include tiny floral doodles at the top for extra details as done here.

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Create a wavy pattern on both sides of the page with this cute design.

You can use either marker, highlighter, brush pens, or even color pencils to fill this in. Play around with different color combinations to see what looks best for you.

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Heres a relaxed lavender themed spread to try that mainly uses pinks and purples to decorate with.

You also have these quick doodles of the lavender flower at the bottom and a handy block to write down your goals and focus plan for the month.

Definitely a creative yet useful spread.

Love stars wars? The let the power be with you with this awesome bullet journal spread idea.

Here you have a star wars theme quote written at the top and the words calendar written in black and decorate with a white gel pen. I suggest swopping the title calendar for the name of the month you plan to use this one for.

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Another fun and creative spread to try but slightly more on the complicated side with so many floral doodles.

But still a great way to fill up empty space and make a spread look less standard and boring by drawing these cute houses with leaves.

If you love ice cream themed spreads as much as I do, then you’re sure to love this particular one.

However, this one is clearly inspired by the delicious chocolate flavored ice creams but with a bit more colors used over here, this spread will look insanely good!!

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It’s easy to forget adding a calendar sometimes but here’s an option if you really need to add one but don’t quite have space for it.

On an already used page, simply pop a cute one like this at the above corner of the page and it won’t mess up your current design.

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For this gorgeous and warm spread, you may need to grab those brush pens or watercolors to paint these boxes in. This specific theme will look fantastic during a warm season or during fall!

Lastly, we have this awesome black and white moon themed spreads. If you’re into minimalistic spreads, then this one is definitely something you should consider including at least once during the year.


The great thing about including a calendar layout in your journal is that if you’re running out of ideas for page ideas or just looking for a way to make your journal look better, it’s definitely much easier to do so with these spreads. 

It’s simple enough but also a useful way to be more organized and productive while still being creative and artistic. 

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So, what did you think of these stunning bullet journal calendar spread ideas? Were they as amazing as we promised?

We sure hope so! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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